Xtinction Rebellion to wind up “Spring Rebellion” in Ballarat on Saturday

October 20, 2022 7:54 am in by


Victoria’s logging and gas practices will be under the microscope in the streets of Ballarat on Saturday.

Two weeks of Extinction Rebellion protests to demand climate action culminates in a final rally in the Ballarat CBD.

Extinction Victoria will lead a half hour march between Civic Hall on Mair Street and Ballarat Town Hall on Sturt Street starting at 1pm, accompanied by Ballarat Police to help the group move between the locations.

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There’ll be minimal disruption to traffic in the time the group is moving.

 The crowd will involve a coalition of groups from Ballarat, including Extinction Rebellion Ballarat, BREAZE, the Ballarat Climate Action Network, Ballarat Trade Unions and Environment Victoria.

Some will also reportedly be coming from Warrnambool, Geelong and Melbourne to take part.

The march will be followed by speeches at the Ballarat Town Hall to demand urgent action on a quicker transition to renewable energy.

Known recently for high profile stunts such as super-glueing hands to high priced gallery art works and blocking city streets with bollards, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Miriam Robinson says there are no antics planned in Ballarat on the day.

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“It’s going to be pretty relaxed. We’re not planning anything involving super glue on Saturday. It’ll just be a community march, family friendly, through the streets of Ballarat, down to the Town Hall for some speeches.”

Robinson adds she understands concern around the group’s recent protests, but it’s not just about stunts.

“We get criticised, saying blocking the streets is not the way to do it, glueing your hand to a Picasso is not the way to do it, and we will usually reply to that ‘if you don’t agree with our tactics that’s fine, you can do something else.’

It might be joining a Permaculture group, it might be writing to your MPs, as long as everyone is doing something.”