Do you think you know what the sound is?

Take a listen to 3BA’s Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner!

To have your shot at the cash, call PT in The Big Show weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

The 3BA Secret Sound thanks to Ballarat GWM Havel, 15 Albert St Sebastopol


This Secret Sound, indirectly, does have something to do with food

Incorrect Answers:

Mixing eggs in a metal bowl with a metal whisk

Slapping bacon into a frypan

Setting up a 3-tier cake rack

Pulling the dishrack across the sink and hits the sink rumble strips

Elements on a gas stove cooling

A frying pan heating up

Running a utensil along a metal dishrack

Rolling a stone down the edge of a metal fire pit

Pulling a tissue out of the box

Dropping a marble into the kitchen sink

Moving a fire stand around

Taking the basket of knives and forks out of the dishwasher

Using tongs to move sausages and tapping them on the BBQ

The oven timer going off

Using a collapsable colander

Putting utensils into a dishwasher

Tapping a whisk on a metal bowl

Tapping a metal strainer on the sink

Ejecting the beaters from an electric mixer

Tapping the basket of an air fryer on the stove to get the oil out

Unscrewing the lid of a soft drink bottle and it fizzes out

Opening a can of baked beans

Going through the turnstile gate at the Ballarat Showgrounds

Hitting a spatula on the side of a pot or frypan

Popcorn popping against the lid of a saucepan

Hitting cymbals together

Tapping fingernails on a metal bowl

Pushing down the toaster and then it pops up

Putting eggs into a metal basket

Ringing a dinner bell

Putting the basket into a bread maker

Using a swizzle stick then tapping it on the side

Popping popcorn

Using a motor drive rotisserie in the BBQ

Dropping chop sticks into a frying pan

Pouring cornflakes into a bowl

Cake cooling racks banging together

Tearing off tin foil to cover food

Tapping a gas bottle to find out the level of gas remaining in the bottle

A stainless-steel whisk being placed into a stainless-steel bowl

Throwing egg rings into a frypan

Doing a zipper up on a vest

Using a chinese cooking utensil

Running a utensil over an oven rack

A screw hitting an oven

Walking through an old style turnstile

The rope of a flag tapping against the flag pole

Flipping through the pages of a newspaper

Dropping a metal pole on the ground

Stirring coffee with a teaspoon

Tapping metal tongs on the BBQ

A key rolling round in a dryer

Taking out or putting in the metal rack in an oven

Banging a pair of slippers together

Banging a fork on a metal pot or pan

A windchime blowing in the wind

Banging on a metal cage

Putting a jacket on a coat hanger

Using a metal sifter

Running down a set of metal stairs

A coin rolling round in the dryer

Turning off an alarm clock

Hitting a metal post with a hammer

Clicking down the color buttons on a multi-color biro

pulling on a chain that opens a roller door

Throwing a spanner on the ground

A metal dog tag hitting the metal food bowl while the dog is eating

Pairing a Marshell speaker to bluetooth

Flipping an egg in a frypan

A knife and fork clicking together

Sorting through a bunch of keys

A fork scraping on a plate

Dropping a pot on the floor

Running a piece of wire along a metal fence

Stirring a cup of coffee with a metal spoon

Tapping an egg flip on the BBQ plate

The movement of a wind chime

Running a fingernail across the prongs of a fork

A metal piercing that’s fallen out and hitting the sink

Pulling the starter on a chainsaw

Nothing to do with a musical instrument

Tapping a knife on hanging pots and pans

Putting a cup on a saucer

Shutting a metal gate and the clasp shaking back and forth

Banging two sheets of metal together

A bird flapping around in the flue of a wood fire

Tapping a spatula on a steel table

Tuning a Xylophone

Opening and closing a venetian blind

Dropping a fork into a kitchen strainer

The underwire of a bra that’s come adrift in a washing machine

Opening and closing the gate on a chain link fence

Dropping the handle on a steel bucket

Shaking a soda can with the pull ring inside

Raising up a car hoist

Playing a metallic ring tone on your phone

Ringing a bell

Beer kegs rolling along the ground

Hitting a metal spoon on a coffee mug

Using a flour sifter

Turning off or on a TV sound bar

Using a metal whisk in a metal bowl

Dropping a metal sheet on the ground

Knocking on an old wire door

Moving a coin around in a tin

Tapping two forks together

Hitting two metal tent pegs together

Hitting a piece of tin with a bit of wood

Tuning the strings of a guitar

Hitting a drum kits hi-hat

Walking through the turnstile/entry gate at the supermarket

Dragging a steel rod along a steel fence

Putting the metal insert into a steamer to steam dim sims

Kicking a spring-loaded door stopper

Dropping a fire poker onto concrete

Tapping a metal whisk on a metal bowl

Trying to find a spoon in the cutlery drawer

Whisking eggs in a metal bowl

Putting wire netting around flowers in the garden

Playing a musical triangle

Shaking a plastic jar with jelly beans inside

Tapping a soup ladle on the side of a metal pot

Tapping a metal straw on a metal coffee cup

Running your hand along a metal fence

Using a grater

Tapping metal tongs together

Running with scissors

Tapping a whisk on a saucepan