Do you think you know what the sound is?

Take a listen to 3BA’s Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

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Clues so far:

More often than not, this happens in the kitchen.

Actual food is NOT involved in this sound

It smells so good

This secret sound is not wooden

There only two actions happening in this secret sound

Liquid does not have anything to do with the sound

It’s not what it used to be

Incorrect answers:

Opening a decor container then closing it again

Closing a pantry door

Dropping rubbish on the floor

Putting garlic into a press and crushing it

A clock ticking

Flipping the lid on a bottle of mayo and giving it a squeeze

Using a stapler

Unblocking a pipe in a sink with a plunger

Flipping some magazines up and down on a bench

A grandfather clock ticking side to side

Turning the handle on a gumball machine

An automatic door closing and locking

Pulling down a roller door on the back of a truck and then putting the lock back over

Using a ring pull on top of a can

Banging on a set of drums

 Locking a Commodore then unlocking the back/front doors

Flicking a chain off a gate

Someone doing up the latches on a suitcase

Plastic disposable cup dropping on the floor and crushing it

Flipping a lid up and down on a rubbish bin

Replacing a new ink cartridge in a printer

Pulling the lid off a tin can

Fixing the tap with a socket wrench like plumbers do

Opening the top of a jar of coffee and peeling the aluminum foil back

Automatic ball machine shooting than re-loading

Re-loading a stapler with staples then closing it

Closing the lid on a kettle

Dropping some coins in a jar

Punching a hole into paper with a hole punch

Using a pencil sharpener

Bouncing a basketball on the ground

Opening a car door

Pushing down a hard toy then letting it go and it goes up again

Cutting carrots

Opening as guillotine -putting paper in it – closing it and cutting the paper

Opening and shutting a cupboard door

Screwing a bolt onto a tyre brace – putting onto a truck tyre then twisting to break the seal

Kicking a football

Putting a key in a dead lock then unlocking it

Cutting a carrot on a wooden chopping board

Opening and reloading a stapler

Putting a coffee capsule into a coffee machine

Kicking a can then crushing it with your foot

Playing Fuse Ball

Closing an airplane door and it latches

Putting the lid down on a washing machine

Spinning wheel

Old tape deck

Putting a knife into a sharpener – pulling it back and forth to sharpen it

Putting a lock on a shed and locking it

Tapping a wooden spoon into a bowl

Placing a can on the bench- popping the ring top to open the can

A plastic lid going into a plastic cup

Breaking an egg

Changing a lens on a camera

Opening a fridge door at a bottle shop- grabbing some stubbies then closing the door


Tapping your shoes on the floor

Opening a camera- putting a film in- and closing it

Raquet Ball – hitting a ball onto the wall and then it bounces off

Automatic ball thrower – like they use in tennis

Tapping knitting needles together 

Opening and shutting a case

Putting a CD inside a CD player

Loading a rifle 

Putt a golf ball and it lands in the hole

Opening and shutting a freezer door

Unlocking a padlock shed with a key and opening the door

Plugging a safety switch in for a jet ski

PT clipping the plastic cover onto his razor after he has used it

Stacking or unstacking paper cups

Opening a tin of Pringles chips

Tapping the chalk on to a black board

Using a nail gun

The release button on a suitcase you pull around 

Loading a video tape into a VCR

Putting a petrol cap on after filling up your car

Putting bullet shells into a gun and then closing it

Flipping the lid on a canister

Click the filter off the vacuum and then clicking back on

Dropping a big mat on the floor

Putting a can in a can crusher then crushing it

Hooking an air compressor onto a rattle gun that they use at tyre centres

Opening a glass jar and the seal popping

Shutting a garage roller door

Using a vegetable slicer

Opening or closing a sliding door

Taking a cup from a stack of cups and putting it back into the stack

Ejecting a used coffee pod from the machine

Put a new coffee pod into the machine and locking it down

Repotting a plant

Opening and closing the door to a microwave

Getting ice from an ice dispenser

Cracking an egg

Cutting a carrot on a chopping board

Clipping the blender jug on to the blender

Using an apple corer

Putting the lid on food blender and locking it into place

Removing and emptying the coffee pod tray from the machine

Putting a metal drawer back into the dishwasher

Opening the top of a ring pull can

Using a knife to break the seal of a new jar and taking the lid off

Popping a toaster down and it pops back up because the power’s not on

Locking the stick mixer wand in place

Sliding a bread bin door up and down

Opening a can of tuna

A kettle taken off its base and then popping the lid off

Taking the air fryer tray out and then back in

Using a plunger in a sink

Boiling water being poured onto a hot pan

Chopping a vegetable and it rolls into the sink

Clipping the lid of a lunchbox into place

Putting a plug into the sink

Opening the sandwich press and removing the toasty

Lifting the lid up and down on a casserole dish

Opening and closing the microwave door

Opening and closing a pedal bin lid

Using a squeeze mop

Taking out and putting the drawer off an air fryer back in

Using a hamburger press

Pulling out and sliding back in a fridge self

Putting a tablet into the dishwasher and closing the lid

Using a sodastream machine

Pushing down and pulling up the kitchen sink steel strainer

Using a kitchen gadget to peel a hard boiled egg

Closing a kitchen cupboard door with a push to release mechanism

Taking the top off a dip and peeling back the foil

A push down, spring loaded bottle opener

Cracking a hard boiled egg and peeling it

Stacking containers on the kitchen bench

Opening a box of cereal

Using an ice-cream scoop to get ice-cream from the container

Stacking containers inside one another

Cracking the lid open on a long life milk container

Pushing a coffee plunger down and twisting the lid

Sharpening a knife in a scabbed

Setting up an electric wok on the bench

Putting a glass against an ice maker and a piece of ice drops into the glass

Opening a new box of tissues

Using a cork screw to open a bottle of wine

Crushing garlic in a press

Squeezing the water out of a mop

Putting the filter back into a range hood

Putting the lid back on a kettle and then putting it back on the power base

Putting the coffee grip into the machine and twist it on

Using a bench top Cryovac machine

Putting a glass baking dish into the oven and closing the door

Dropping a spoon into the sink

Using an electric can opener

Clipping the water container back onto the steam mop

Unstacking and stacking hard plastic cups

Putting a coffee pod into the machine and closing the lid

Cracking eggs

Chopping onions on a chopping board

Using a bottle capping machine

Moving a step ladder around the kitchen

Opening or closing a window

Burping a Tupperware container

Replacing the head on a mop

Putting on or taking off the lid on a can of cooking spray

Putting a rubber stopper into a wine bottle

Clipping the blade onto a meat slicer

Turning on and off a torch

Opening and closing a hideaway bin

Opening a can of drink

Taking the bottle cap off a king brown

Opening and closing the valve of a sink plug

Popping the beater sticks out of an electric beater

Stacking dishes into a dishwasher and closing the door

Taking out the crumb tray of a toaster and putting it back in

Rolling pastry with a rolling pin

Sliding a cling film cutter

Cracking a nut with a nutcracker

Removing a coffee machine filter and putting it back in the machine

Stacking books on a bench

Putting a plate on the bench

Opening a glasses (the ones you wear) case in the kitchen

Putting the lid on a nutribullet and putting it on the machine ready to blend

Changing the battery in a smoke alarm

Putting toast in the toaster, pushing the button down and then the toast pops back up

Pouring a wine from cask into a glass

Using a coffee plunger

Putting the strainer back into the dishwasher

Taking the lid off a biscuit tin and putting it back on

Nothing to do with a coffee machine

Putting keys and a mobile phone on the kitchen bench

Release the seal on a vacuum seal bag

Putting grocery bags on the bench

Popping open a milo lid and pushing the spoon through the foil

Locking the lid on the food processer

Sticking a knife in an empty tin and scraping it out

Ripping tin foil off the roll

Ironing on the kitchen bench

Running a knife through a mushroom

Opening a vacuum sealed jar, then putting the lid back on

Plugging in an electric frypan

Lifting the lid and popping the seal on a can of pringles

Using a sandwich press to make a toasty

Changing the utensil on a stick mixer

Taking the lid off a can of whipped cream

Pushing down the button on a toaster, then pushing the cancel button

Stirring a cup of coffee

Using a label gun to put labels on food containers

Sharpening a knife and putting it back into the block

Pulling the end/hose out of a tap mixer and putting it back in place

Pressing the button on a kettle to open or close the lid

Using a computer in the kitchen

Opening or closing the lid on a travel mug

Opening a carton of milk

Reloading the paper towel holder and clipping it back in

Opening up the gravy bucket and peeling back the foil

Pushing the button on a knife cover and letting the button go

Putting an umbrella on the kitchen bench

Nothing to do with brewing your own at home

Making a sandwich on a kitchen bench

Changing the filter on a water jug

Putting the lid back on the coffee or sugar jar

Putting the plate back into the microwave

Popping a can of soft drink open

Twisting the dial on a coffee grinder and closing the lid

Emptying a coffee grinder

Putting the plate back into the microwave a clicking it back into place

Breaking the seal and removing it from a fresh jar of coffee

Ejecting and taking the beaters out of a mix master

Using an old school can opener

Locking the lid on an air fryer

Banging measuring cups together

Closing the dishwasher door and turning it on

Breaking the seal on a vegemite jar

Taking apart a coffee grinder

Putting the protective covers back on a cook top

Taking utensils out of their holder

Opening and closing the lid of a dishwasher’s soap dispenser

Opening the coffee machine lever, ejecting the pod and putting the lever back down

Cleaning the bench

Sliding a rangehood open

Stacking saucepans after washing them

Putting the head into the grinder and starting it

Loading the coffee grinder cup onto the grinder and turning it on

Opening the metal clasp on a glass jar

Using a cord to pull up a kitchen blind

Attaching a suction knife sharpener to a bench and then pulling the lever to detach it

Opening a milo tin with a spoon and putting the lid on the bench

Opening a jar with a child proof lid and popping the seal

Using an automatic kitchen clock timer

Locking in the water compartment of a coffee machine

Pushing down and pulling back up a coffee plunger

Clicking the kettle button down and up again

Connecting a smoothie cup to the base of the blender

Fitting the coffee filter into the handle and clicking it into the coffee machine

Clipping the blades into an electric knife

Using a mandolin to cut potato’s into chips

Undoing the lid of a sauce bottle and peeling back the seal

Taking the lid of a thermos and screwing it back on

Putting a boiled egg in a cup and taking the top of the egg off

Lifting a ring pull top on a can and the can popping open

Pushing down on the coffee to flatten it before inserting it into the coffee machine

Using a tea infuser to make a cup of tea

Opening or closing a cupboard door with a roller catch

The air being released when opening a jar, then removing the lid

Sliding the metal clips to open BBQ tongs

Clicking down the lid of a jaffle maker

Closing the lid of a popcorn maker

Using a lemon juicer

Taking the top off a frozen meal and then peeling the plastic back

Unclipping and taking the basket out of a bread maker

Rotating and unlatching a waffle maker

An automatic air freshener can going off

Taking food out of the air fryer

Taking the plastic lid off a hot chocolate container then peeling the foil back

Undoing the clips on a thermomixer and taking the lid off

Opening the lid of a hand sanitizer bottle and closing the lid

The lock switch on a long lighter that you use to light a candle

Popping the top off a coffee tin and popping the foil

Cracking open a coconut shell

Pushing the coffee plunger down and then pressing down on the lid

Twisting off the lid of a pressure cooker then taking it off

Opening a Tupperware biscuit container the putting the lid back on

Unclipping and taking off the lid of a pressure cook

Peeling the inner seal off a jar of coffee and lifting the lid

Opening the flap of a travel mug to have a drink

Pushing down on a new soap dispenser, twisting and releasing it

Pulling the tray out of a pizza oven then putting it back in

Pulling the door down on a conventional oven

Taking the lid of a candle and using a gas gun to light it

Sliding the tray out of a coffee machine to empty the pods and then putting it back in

Popping up and down the lid on a bottle of dishwashing liquid

Kitchen Surface Cleaner bottle – twisting the nozzle- lock & unlocked 

Coffee pod machine- dropping pod into the machine- pulling the handle which releases the water

Dropping a sugar dispenser into your coffee

Sliding the water container into the back of the coffee machine and clicking it into place

Opening a waffle maker and closing it down and clicking it into place

Taking the lids of the sugar/coffee canisters with one hand and placing them side by side on the bench

Taking the lid off a candle, lighting it then dropping it

Taking out a roasting rack and clipping on the handles to clean it

Plugging into a power point an airwick freshener and turning the switch on

Opening a tray of donuts

Lifting up and opening the lid on a spice container

Taking the lid off the ice-cream maker and then unlocking the bowl

Putting chocolate on top of a freshly made cappa

Popping the cork on a champagne bottle, the cork hits the roof then falls to the floor

Unlocking and opening the lid on a bread maker

 Putting a roast in the oven and slamming the door

Twisting a pepper mill to release pepper

Placing salt n pepper shakers on the kitchen bench

Opening and closing the plastic lid on a packet of kitchen wipes

Open a bottle of passata sauce and removing the lid

Pulling the plunger out of the coffee maker and placing it on the bench

Putting a travel mug on the bench and unscrewing the lid

Opening a garlic crusher, putting garlic in then pressing down the lever

Opening a can of dog food

Putting a filter in the coffee maker then putting the lid on

Popping the lid off a tin of milo and punching into the foil

Loading a coffee pod, closing the lid and the pod falling and locking into place

Opening and closing the fridge

Taking the lid off a candle and putting the lid back on

Rotating a coffee grinder and tamping the coffee grounds down

Pulling the nozzle up on a dishwashing liquid bottle and squeezing the bottle to get the liquid out

Uncorking a bottle of wine

Opening a bag of finish power tablets and taking one out

Tearing of the strip from a tin of curry powder and flipping up the lid

Putting the coffee plunger into the coffee machine

Replacing the cartridge in an odor diffuser

Putting a can in the can crusher and pulling the lever

Putting an empty soda stream bottle into the machine

Putting the lid on a thermos and the putting the cup on top

Clipping the stems of a bunch of flowers to fit in the vase

Clicking the child safety button on a gas lighter then clicking it off again

Taking a cake out of the oven and opening the spring loaded cake tin

Opening a box of perfumed soap and closing it again

Lifting the bread maker lid up and unclipping the tin

Removing the plunger from the coffee pot and taking it apart

Using an egg clipper to take off the top off of a hard boiled egg

Opening the lid on a toasty maker, taking out the toasty and the closing the lid

Opening a microwave meal container, putting into the microwave and then closing the door

Using a bottle opener to open a bottle

Opening the airfryer, taking out the food and closing the drawer

Closing the lid on the breadmaker and pushing the starter button

Making a milkshake in a blender

Closing the lid on the kettle and placing it back in the cradle

Picking up a container and its lid and then screwing on the lid

Putting the lid on the coffee container, turn it and locked it shut

Putting a power plug into the socket and taking it out again

Getting ice cream out of the scoop

Cutting the stems of flowers and putting them into a vase

Using a cylindrical bottle opener, pushing it up and down

Opening a jar of coffee, taking out a spoonful of coffee and then putting the lid back on

Putting a candle on a container

Putting the lid on a coffee mug and opening the drink hole

Breaking the seal on an iced coffee, then taking the lid off

Opening a bottle of milk and peeling off the plastic film to release the milk

Taking an apple pie from the oven and putting it on the bench

Using a cigar cutter

Grinding pepper then putting the lid back on the grinder

Replacing an aerosol can in an air freshener

Plugging a coffee machine lead into the wall and turning it on

Opening a jar of garlic and then putting the lid back on

Taking the tray out of the toaster, cleaning it and putting it back in

Opening a pack of wipes and taking one out

Breaking the seal on a vitamin bottle

A diffuser on the wall opening it and putting a refill in

Taking a disposable cup out of a dispenser, and using the dispenser to putt coffee/sugar into the cup

Having a bowl of Heinz Big Red Tomato Soup and stirring it with a spoon

Automatic deodorizer sensor, it clicks down and sprays then clicks back up to reset

Opening a jar, it’s got the seal as you twist, it pops up as you’re opening it up

Popping the button on a thermos to release the pressure

Pulling a disinfectant wipe out and closing the lid

Opening an air freshener and plugging it into the wall

Opening a tube of hand cream and closing the lid

Twisting the lid off a jar of coffee and pushing it back on with force

Taking the top of curry powder and twisting the pour or sprinkle tab

Opening the top of the coffee pod machine, putting the pod in and closing the lid

Opening and closing a fan forced oven

Opening and closing a sandwich press

Taking a kettle off the stove and unscrewing the top from the bottom

Dropping the coffee pod into the machine and the metal spikes piecing the pod

Putting a coffee cup onto the coffee machine and pushing down the lever

Cooking a stir fry in a wok

Loading and closing a dishwasher

Changing the blade of a mandolin

Pushing the button of a toaster down and then it pops back up

Using tongs to squeeze a tea bag

Opening and closing the lid of a milo tin

Popping the plastic lid of a coffee tin and using the ring pull to pull back the foil seal

Opening an incense packet and putting them into the holder

Taking the lid off a lollie jar and closing the lid again

Bottle of vitamins- screwing the top off… smell comes out… screwing the top back on

Unopened tin of coffee- get a spoon- stab foil- releases the aroma of coffee

Tin with ring pull lid… pulling the ring forward then tearing the lid back to tear it off

Taking something out of the microwave and shutting the door

Opening the door to the kitchen (you hear a click)… smelling something nice cooking… second is shutting the door behind you

Flicking the lid on the detergent bottle… then flicking it back and pressing it down

Opening and closing the lid of a Keen’s Curry Powder

Taking the lid off the sugar bowl and putting it back on

Screwing the lid of sauce and putting the lid back on

Taking the lid off a can of cooking spray and putting it back on

Clicking into place the spout on a tin of olive oil

Opening and closing a jar of ginger

Flicking open a sauce bottle and closing it back down

Opening and closing an airwick dispenser

Opening a jar of coffee and putting a spoonful in a cup

Opening and closing an oven door

Pumping hand lotion on to your hands at the kitchen bench

Opening and closing a pressure cooker lid

Opening a jar of lollies and taking the lid off

Opening the lid of drinking chocolate and mixing in a cup

Opening a bottle of spray n wipe

Opening a jar of pickled onions, taking a sniff and putting the lid back on

Peeling the foil seal off a coffee jar and putting the lid back on the jar

Twisting the lid and taking if off a jar of peanut butter

Lifting the ring on a can to pop the seal and then removing the ring

Picking the lid of a candle and putting it on to snuff the flame

Piercing the tin foil on a can of milo with a spoon and sliding it along to remove the rest of the foil

Holding your thumb down on the lid of a jar and then opening it

Dropping marshmallows into a cup of hot chocolate

Lifting a ring pull and pulling off the lid from a can of dog food

Putting a spoon in the top of a coffee jar, flipping the lid and taking it off

Opening a jar of garlic and smelling it

Putting your coffee mug under the coffee machine nozzle and switching the machine on

Pushing the spoon through the foil on a Nesquik can

Dropping flowers into a vase

Nothing to do with a coffee machine

Popping the lid of a basting sauce bottle and dropping the lid on the bench

Unclipping a sandwich press and opening it up

Placing a plastic cup onto a hard surface then restacking it

Taking the lid of air freshener, spraying it and putting the lid back on

Opening and closing a benchtop compost bin

Putting your foot on the lever of a mop bucket to squeeze the water from the mop

Opening pot pourri and placing it into a jar

Opening and closing a container of coffee

Opening a container of beef stock and pouring it into a bowl

Unplugging a plug from a power point and plugging it back in

Unscrewing the plastic lid of a jar of coffee and putting the lid on the bench

Squeezing and releasing the detergent bottle

Opening a jar of nutella and lid falls on the bench

Sitting the lid of a coffee jar back on and screwing it back down

Putting the plunger into a coffee maker and replacing the lid

Ice blocks from the fridge dropping into a cup

Turning on the fan above a stovetop

Opening a tropical punch carton and pouring it into a glass

Putting a bottle of sauce on the bench and opening it

Pushing a plunger up and down

Opening the lid of a tissue box

Placing the glass of the coffee plunger into the metal holder and putting it onto its cork base

Opening and closing the lid of a plastic container

Compressing coffee in the coffee head and placing it onto the machine

Snapping a can off a 6 pack and opening it

Taking the lid off an air freshener can and putting it into the dispenser

Putting a basket of leaves in the teapot and putting the lid on

Putting the garlic crusher insert back in and closing it

Opening a jar of Vegemite and having a smell

Pushing down the liquid hand wash dispenser

Pushing the handle down on a squeegee mop and releasing the handle

Cutting watermelon in half

Opening dishwashing liquid and pouring into the sink

Unlocking the lever on the side of a kitchen aide

Stabbing an onion with a safety handle then slicing on a mandolin

Popping the lid off a bottle with a can opener and the lid hitting the bench

Opening and closing the draw of an air fryer

Putting a can of condensed milk on the bench and pulling the ring pull to get the lid off

Beating up cream and sugar in a bowl

Connecting and locking the porta filter on a coffee machine

Opening a jar of mayonnaise

Popping the seal on a jar and putting the lid back on

Putting the mop head on and putting it down on the floor

The end cycle of a bread maker and the lid opening

Using an old school credit card machine

Operating coffee capsule machine

Clicking the filter back onto the coffee machine

Unlocking and taking the lid off a pressure cooker

Putting the bottle into the soda machine and twisting it back into place

Pushing down on a cap and twisting it to break the seal

Putting bread in the toaster and pushing it down

Grabbing a teaspoon of coffee and putting it into a cup

Opening a champagne bottle

Closing a jaffle maker, then opening it to remove the sandwich

Opening a bottle of dishwashing detergent and putting into the dishwasher and closing the lid

Pushing down on the gas jet on a stovetop cooker

Closing the lid on a plastic container and locking the latch

Tapping the top of a can and then releasing the ring pull

Opening a jar of Vanilla Essence and pouring some out

Snapping a piece of chocolate off the block

Taking a teabag from the box and putting it in a cup

Unlocking and opening a door

Unlocking and opening a window

Popping the lid off a shoe polish container

Throwing an apple into the air, catching it and taking a bite

Using a plunger to unblock a sink hole

Using a self-inking stamp

Unlocking a lunch box and opening the lid

Unlocking a punnet of fresh herbs

Opening and closing the lid of a coffee pot

Opening and closing a cupboard door

Opening a closing a punnet of Blueberries or strawberries

Stacking measuring cups

Dusting or sweeping the floor

Opening a child proof bottle of tablets

Taking a bite of an apple

Sharpening a knife

Opening and closing the lid of a tupperware container

Opening a window in the kitchen

Opening a plastic bottle of sauce and taking the foil off

Opening a packet Jelly Crystals and pouring into a bowl

Opening a new container of yeast

Opening a tin of gravy and adding a spoon to hot water

Opening and closing the lid of a squeezy bottle of Basil

Popping the lid and peeling the seal on a can of Pringles

Opening a container of washing pods and closing the lid

Opening and closing an ironing press

Opening a ground pepper container and pressing down on the plastic seal

Putting your knife and fork on the edge of a plate

Swapping the switch on the vacuum cleaner to go from carpet to hard floor

Opening the lid of a candle and lighting it

Opening and closing the lid of a coffee cannister

Popping the metal lid of a jam jar

Opening and closing a zip lock bag

Replacing the battery in a clock

Pressing and releasing a self inking stamp

Clicking the brush into the dustpan

Changing the sponge on a dish stick

Opening a window

Opening and closing a punnet of Strawberries

Water dripping from a tap

Hitting a coconut and cracking it open

Closing a tea infuser and clicking the catch shut

Closing the metal ring round the top of a glass or plastic jar

Opening a leather conditioner container

Cutting open a bag of coffee beans

Opening a jar of bag of lollies

Opening a tub of Playdoh

Tearing off the leg of a lobster and snapping it in half

Opening a closing a vicks vapor rub container

Using a knife to open a jam jar lid

Opening a juice container

Opening up the seal of mixed spice them closing the lid

Putting a Ninja Creamie cup into a Ninaja Creamie and putting lid on and locking lid

Opening a kitchen drawer, taking out soup ladle, putting it on the bench

Opening a cake or biscuit container and putting it on the bench

Opening and closing the clips on the side of a plastic cake container

Cutting a piece of watermelon

Ripping off the tab and opening up a bag of ground coffee

Cake on the table- sparklers on the cake- flicking the lighter on to light it then flicking it off

Setting an egg timer

Boxed Wine- dropping it on the bench

Kissing your partner

Putting a can of Solo on the bench and opening it

Rolling a cigarette using a rolly machine

Opening and closing a foil bag of ground coffee

Using a printer stamp

Pressing down on a suction lid of a baby bowl

Putting wood in an old IXL wood stove

Using a spring loaded cookie cutter

Building a chocolate fountain

Opening and closing a phone book

The secret sound has nothing to do with the following:

Air Fresheners of any variety

Coffee Filter

Box of Tissues

Paper Takeaway Coffee Cup


Flyspray/Any Spray Can

Ice cubes/Ice cube tray

Multi Electric Grater

Citrus Squeezer/Extractor

Cans/Can Crusher

Ice-cream Scoop/Ice-cream Tub/Ice-cream Lid

Bin/Bin Bags

Slow Cooker

Bubble Bath

Chopping Board

Vegetable Cutter/Slicer




Mop/Mop Bucket

Records/Record Player

Food cans with ring pull lids

Hole punch


Bag Neck Sealer

Cookie Cutter/Cookie Dough

Popcorn or a popcorn maker

Magnetic/normal bottle opener


Phone case

Hamburger Maker

Fridge/Ice Dispenser

Box of Teabags

Canister of Coffee


Happy onion slicer

Rotary dial phone

Reusable container

Incense Stick

Spring loaded pen


Tea/Tea Infuser/Teapot or bags

Cooking Spray

Pasta Machine

Cake Tin/Spring Loaded Cake Tin

Permanent Markers

Suction Cup Bowl/Any Bowl

Box of Tissues and or Removing Them


Pill Bottle

Bin or Bin Liners

Can of drink or a stubby holder

Fragrant Powder

A Toothpaste box/tube

Canola Oil Spray Can



Coffee/Milo/Nesquik container

Shoe Polish or its container



Hand soap or sanitizer

Sink plugs/strainers

Decor Containers

A Nutcracker

Air Fresheners

An extender dining table

Kitchen Scissors

Cling Wrap/Aluminium Foil

Glass coffee jars

Can Opener

Mixmaster, old or new

Tea Bags


Pizza Boxes and or the pizza itself

Rangehood or its buttons

Mop & Bucket


Cooking spray

Frypans, saucepans

Potato Masher, metal or plastic

Bin, pedal or otherwise

Wax Melts

A stove and or oven

A box of chocolates

Ice cream

Pizza Oven

A coffee Machine/pods/filter

Air Fresheners of any type

Vegetable Slices/Mandolins

An airfryer

Travel Mugs

Coffee/Milo jars and tins and the seal that you break into to get to the product


Flowers or a vase

A bottle of any variety of oil

Wax Melts and their Electric Burners

Hand Moisturizers/Sanitisers

Cleaning products

Jars of honey, Peanut Butter or Vegemite or any other condiment in a jar that you can think of

Nothing to do with alcohol or the containers they come in

Box of soap

Hand cream

Garlic Press

A toasty/sandwich maker


Food processors

Pressure Cooker

Metal sink strainer

Salt n Pepper rock crushers/shakers

Flowers or a vase

Toaster/Crumb tray


Cake Tins


Mortar and pestle

Bottle Opener

Sink Plug

Waffle Maker



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