There appears to be plenty of eScooter love coming from Ballarat council

December 15, 2022 3:37 pm in by
Image: Neuron

Even with the trial of Ballarat’s eScooters extended until the end of March next year, support for the bright orange two wheelers from council appears to be strong.

City of Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Evan King says it’ll be a state government decision in the end, not a council one.

“There’s certainly some areas of refinement that could be made if they were to be made permanent ongoing.”

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“The data speaks for itself in the end, 150,000 eScooter rides would suggest our community has embraced them wholeheartedly.” Mr. King said.

Last week 12 eBikes were added temporarily to the hundreds of eScooters for the ‘summer of cycling’ campaign.