Doctors call on E-Scooter review highlighting alarming injury statistics

April 18, 2023 7:31 am in by
Image: Neuron

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has weighed into the E-Scooter debate with the Ballarat trial now extended.

They say that more than 400 people across Melbourne and Ballarat have ended up in hospital, which is a 234% increase on the previous year.

They’ve called on the state government to conduct an urgent review, re-enforce the restrictions on private E-Scooters and lift the legal age back to 18.

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Ballarat’s trial was extended on March 31st of this year, the second extension of the initially one year trial, at which time new regulations were put in place.

They included lowering the riding age from 18 to 16, allowing the use of personal e-scooters on public roads rather than just the hireable E-scooter network, and not allowing travel on roads with speed limits above 60 km/h.