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Secret Sound

secret sound 2018

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Take a listen to our new (19/07/2018) Secret Sound to see what you think it is!

Clue: Sliding

Incorrect Guesses so far:

Using a wood planer, A hacksaw cutting a metal pipe, Rubbing sandpaper against concrete, Leveling off cement with a spade or shovel, Scraping stones off the ground, Dragging a shovel through concrete, Scraping a ruler across a desk, Squirting a surface with a hose gun, Ice Skating, Wipers going across a frozen windscreen, Piece of timber running back and forth on a table, Scraping a shovel against a brick wall, Using a tile trowel, Dragging a rubber backed mat across tiles, Cutting timber with a hand saw, Using a rowing machine, A coffee froather, Using an outdoor hard broom, Shoveling stones, Sliding timber on top of each other, Using a trowel to spread tile adhesive, Using an air hose at the servo, Putting water into a cement mixer, Appling a spread to toast, Using a pressure hose, A sound effect in a video game, Using a pruning saw, Moving a wheelie bin, Cleaning out a fireplace with a metal shovel, Opening and closing vertical blinds, Scraping shoes against concrete, Pruning roses, Paper slicer, Sawing a piece of timber, Sanding a wooden plank, Closing the bolt on a garden shed door, Taking a DVD out of the case and loading it, Hand planning a piece of wood, Shovelling gravel or concrete, Putting a knife in and out of a knife block, Sliding hands across each other, Using sandpaper, Pulling blinds up and down, Rubbing two stones together, Rubbing the sleeves of a puffer jacket together, Wiping your feet, Nothing to do with cement or the tools to lay it, Scraping a finger on a piece of paper, Pulling on a roll of toilet paper, Zipping a zipper up and down on a jacket, Shapening a kitchen knife, Sawing something in half, Scrapping an ice skate on ice, Sweeping a door mat with a broom, Running a fingernail across cardboard, Scraping ice off a frozen windscreen, Opening or closing a sliding window, Using a putty knife to fill a hole in a wall, Cutting a pool noodle with a bread knife, Sliding feet backwards and forwards with shoes on, A spray can, Dragging a plastic cup backwards and forwards on a bench, Using a rolling pin to crush biscuits, Hand milking a cow into a bucket, Shovelling sand off cement, Wiping down the Kitchen bench, Flushing the toilet, Smearing something on a slice of toast, Opening or closing the utensils draw, Cleaning the shower, Pulling tissues out of a tissue box, Slicing a loaf of bread, Sharpening a knife, Pulling packaging tape off a roll, Scraping scraps off a chopping board, Scraping ice out of a freezer, Blowing up a balloon, Cutting a pizza into slices, Using a dust pan and brush, Sliding a tidy bin across tiles, Cleaning shoes with a shoe brush, Cleaning a wall prior to painting, Filling a jug with water, Rubbing two sand paper blocks together, Flipping eggs in a frypan, Tearing paper or cardboard, Cutting paper in any form, Plastering a wall, A spatula scraping on a frypan, Putting a stay sharp knife back in it's case, Sliding a cabinet glass door back and forward, Pulling a retractable cord from a vaccum cleaner A washing machine chaging cycles, Using an old wooden scrubbing brush, Scratching fingernails on a plastic table, Mopping the floor, Using a clothes brush, Using a carpet sweeper, Scraping ice out of a freezer, Cutting foam with a hacksaw, Turning off the TV, Opening and closing a window, Opening or closing curtains, Nothing to do with sandpaper, Rubbing 2 polystyrene blocks together, Pulling a blind up or down, Spraying an aerosol can, Using a pesal and mortor, Using a handheld floor sweeper, Scraping a grill plate with a metal scraper, Pulling velcro apart, Rolling blinds up and down, Opening or closing a wood heater flu, Sliding a window back and forth, Sliding a chair across the floor, Sliding a cabinet across the floor, Sliding a rubbish bin lid open or closed, Sliding a vaccum cleaner across the floor, Sliding a wardrobe door, Sliding a bedroom window, Using a wallpaper brush, Sliding the bottom of a birdcage in and out, Sliding a security roller shutter up or down, Exercising on a rowing machine, Cutting a tile and breaking it, Drawing the curtains across,