3BA Header Big Show

Secret Sound

secret sound escape 2017

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Clues: Coffee - Empty Coffee Tin - Only One of Them

Incorrect Guesses:
Train on a track, Money Counter, Photocopier, Pogo Stick, Hand Held Fertilizer, Starting A Motorbike, Starting a Lawnmower, Battery operated Robot, Outdoor Sprinkler, Conveyor Belt, Photos being printed, Pulling Out a Retractable Hose, Garage Door Going Down and Being Blocked, Beating an Egg, Cutting Xmas Paper, Taking Photo's in Sport Mode, Walking on Gravel, Sewing Machine, Overlocker, Auto Sports Ball Dispenser, Undoing clips on a Truck, Driving A Pole Into The Ground, Galloping Horse, Toaster, Hedge Clippers, Spinning Wool on a Spinning Wheel, Money Counting Machine, Putting Up an Outdoor Roller Blind, Automatic Card Shuffler, Winding out a Patio Umbrella, Hedge Clippers, Nail Gun, Tape Deck Clicking as Tape Runs Out, Playing Minecraft, Hand Held Hedge Clippers, Pop Up Sprinkler, Automatic Stapler, Automatic Coffee Machine, Vegetable Chopper, Paper Shredder, Water Pump, Toy Train Set, Winding Up a Clothes Line, Steel Balls, Winding Up a Hose, Bank Note Counter, Pumping Up a Tyre, Scraping a Kids Shovel on Concret, Skateboard Going up a Ramp, A Coffee Pod Being Turned Into a Coffee, Electric or Manual Coffee Grinder, Opening a New Jar of Coffee, Froathing Milk, Grinding Coffee Beans, Coffee Perculating, Steam Arm on a Coffee Machine, Dispensing Sugarine, Nothing to do with a Coffee Machine, Nothing to do with a Coffee Grinder, Flipping the Lid on a Travel Mug, Cracking the Seal on an Ice Coffee Container, Cleaning a Coffee Mug, Boiling a Kettle, Running Water through the Coffee, Milking Cups in a Dairy, Shaking a Sugar Sachet, Coffee Plunger, Shaking an Ice Break Drink, Using an Ice dispenser, Shaking Coffee in a Coffee Jar, Crushing Ice for an Iced Coffee, Sprinkling Coffee/Chocolate Power on a Coffee, Wind driven garden Art Made by Recycled Coffee Cups, Screwing the Lid onto the Coffee Jar, Pouring Coffee Beans into a Cannister, Releasing Coffee from the Hopper, Harvesting Coffee Beans, Stabbing Hard Coffee with a Knife, Whisking the Milk, Turning the Knob on a Coffee Machine to Dispense the Coffee, Customer Loyalty Card being Stamped, Uncrewing the Lid on a Thermos, Crunching on a Roasted Coffee Bean, Making a Coffee Cup on a Potters Wheel, Taking the Tinfoil off a Can of Coffee, Cutting up a Disposable Coffee Cup with Scissors, Tapping a Packet of Coffee on the Inside of a Coffee Cup, Using a Ellen key to Build a Flatpack Coffee Table, Carving the word Coffee into Wood, Nothing to do with a Coffee Plantation, Opening a Coffee Can with a Tin Opener, Opening the Lid of the Kettle, Coffee Bagging Machine, Receipt Coming out of Machine, Cutting a Hole in the Coffee Tin Lid to make a Money Box, Using a Can Open to Open a Can of Coffee, Taking the lig off a Coofee Can with a Spoon or Knife, Walking on Coffee Tin Stilts, Pricing Gun Pricing coffee Tins, Crushing a Small Tin of Coffee by Hand, Flicking the Metal Ring Pull on a Coffee Tin, Putting the Lid Back on with a Knife, Rolling a Coffee Tin Along the Ground, Running a Coffee Spoon Down the Side of the Tin, Rolling a Coffee tin Down Steps, Shaking Coins in a Coffee Tin, Empting a Coffee Tin into a Cannister, Stacking Coffee Tins, Stomping on a Coffee Tin, Pulling a String Through a Coffee Tin, Tapping Fingers on the Foil of a coffee Tin, Juggling a Coffee Tin and Dropping it, Washing Out a Coffee Can with a Brush, Putting a Golf Ball into a Coffee Tin, Dropping Nuts and Bolts into a Coffee Tin, Tapping Fingers on a Coffee Can, Using a Spoon to Scrape out the last of the Coffee, Finger Rolling an Empty Coffee Tin, A Coffee Tin Stuck to the Foot and Walking Along, Recycling an Empty Coffee Tin, Nothing to do with Cutting a Coffee Tin with any Implement, Swinging a Coffee Tin Around with Something in it, Rolling a Coffee Tin on a Tiled Floor, Writing on a Coffee Tin, Putting Potting mix into a Coffee Tin, Taking a Photo of an Empty Coffee Tin, Crushing Up Biscuits in an Empty Coffee Tin, Trying to get a Rubber Band off the Coffee Tin, Stamping the Best Before Date on a Coffee Tin, Washing a Coffee Tin in the Dishwasher, Hitting a Coffee Tin with a Stick, Nothing to Do with a Coffee Tin Lid, Wiping Out a Coffee Tin, Shooting Nerf Bullets into a Coffee Tin, Throwing a Stone into a Coffee Tin, Rolling a Marble Around the Edges of a Coffee Tin, Shooting the Coffee Tin with a Staple Gun, Scraping Footy Boot Studs across the coffee Tin, Empty Coffee Tin rolling across a Timber Deck, Painting an Empty Coffee Tin, A Coffee Tin catching Oil from a Car, A bird Eating Bird Seed from the Top of a Coffee Tin, Coffee Tin Rolling across a Conveyor Belt, Writing on a Coffee Tin with a Texta, Dropping Rubber Bands into a Coffee Tin, A Fly in an Empty Coffee Tin, Running your Fingernail down the side of a Coffee Tin, Shooting a Coffee Tin with a Nail Gun, Picking of the Glue from taking the Label off a Coffee Tin,

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