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Secret Sound

secret sound 2019

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Here's the latest secret sound for to have a think about.

Incorrect Answers:

Friday 16th August: Using a hand saw, starting a car, a sprinkler going back and forth

Monday 19th August: Using a sanding block, Using a grey lead to scrub something out, Using a sifter.

Tuesday 20th August: Grating a hard vegetable, Scrubbing the bottom of a pan, Trying the start the mower, Sanding a wall

Wednesday 21st August: Undoing clips on a truck cover, Starting a car but it has a flat battery, Pruning a tree, filing fingernails

Thursday 22nd August: Cutting down a tree, Sanding an architrave, Cutting into a tough bit of steak

Friday 23rd August: Using a scrubbing brush, Polishing the tyres on a car with armour all, Shaking tic tacs up and down in the container

Monday 26th August: Grating Cheese, Grating Nutmeg - actually, the sound has nothing to do with grating anything.

Tuesday 27th August: Scrubbing pots and pans, Sharpening a chainsaw, Polishing shoes, Changing the attachments on a kitchen aid

Wednesday 28th August: Filing fingernails, Using a scrubbing brush, Scratching your head, Scratching a scratchie

Thursday 29th August: Rubbing your hands together, Cleaning the screen of a mobile phone, Brushing your teeth, Coloring in with a pencil

Monday 2nd September: Someone using a salt shaker, cleaning a bbq top with a scraper  

Tuesday 3rd September: Rubbing something with sandpaper, rubbing out a pencil with a rubber, sewing and reversing a sewing machine, polishing shoes

Wednesday 4th September: Shaking rice in a container, Sawing wood with a hand saw, shifting sugar on to the top of a cake, shuffling feet on concrete

Thursday 5th September: Grating a carrot, Breathing in and out through your nose

Friday 6th September: Scratching your head, Polishing shoes, Shaking a tray of ice cubes, Using an air gun to clear dust

Monday 9th September: Its not using any type of hand saw, Washing clothes on an old washboard, Using a nail brush to clean fingernails

Tuesday 10th September: Using a hand held seive, Quickly moving a computer mouse forward and back, filing fingernails with an emory board

Wednesday 11th september: Pumping up a bike tyre

Thursday 12th September: Rubbing your eyebrow, Brushing clothing with a lint brush, Using a salt n pepper grinder

Jackpot Monday 16th September $520 - Thanks to Eclipse Ford’s September Super Sale. Super Deals on every car this September!