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Secret Sound

secret sound 2018

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Here's our first Secret Sound for 2019...Good Luck!

Incorrect Guesses:

Playing with a deck of cards - Typing on a typewriter - Using a fly swatter - Flicking through a notepad

Cracking a whip - Flicking a tea towel - Hole punch - Cutting using scissors - Flicking through the pages of a book

Quickly closing a magazine - Flicking a blind - Opening and closing a hand held fan - Using a remote to lock and unlock car doors

Flicking paperwork - Hitting a lounge suite with a rolled up newspaper - Cracking a belt - Nothing to do with a phone

Flicking a microphone - An automatic cling wrap cutter - Nothing to do with Gardening equipment or rubber bands

Flipping through a rolladex - Driving over a metal speed hump - Old fashioned Credit Card Machine - Releasing Ice Blocks from the tray -

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