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Secret Sound

}secret sound 2019

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Takea listen! Do you think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Incorrect Answers:

Monday the 4th of May:  A shed door closing, Banging my head on a desk (Ouch!), Taking off your work boots and dropping them at the back door.

Wednesday the 6th of May:  Slamming a car door, Releasing a safety lever on the cab of a truck, Stomping your feet.

Thursday 7th of May: Dropping a pile of books, Crushing biscuits with a rolling pin, Dropping a box of paper on a table.

Friday 8th of May: Dropping a microphone, Pushing a key into a padlock, Tapping the microphone, Slamming a book shut.

Monday 11th of May: Banging a pack of cards on the bench, Hitting the cancel button on a toaster.

Tuesday 12th of May: Closing a cardboard box, Using the last of a plastic sauce bottle, Putting a CD into the tray and closing the tray door, Closing the glovebox in the car.

Wednesday 13th of May: Closing the boot of a car, A seatbelt clicking into place, Closing a brief case, Dropping a school bag on the ground.

Thursday 14th of May: Slamming a cupboard door shut, Dropping utensils on a table.

Friday 15th of May: Jumping up and down in gumboots, Opening and closing a lunch box.

Monday May 18: Stomping your foot on something, Using a stapler to staple papers together.

Tuesday May 19: Using an ink stamp, PT is pruning and squashing some branches.

Wednesday May 20: Banging a door/cabinet, lifting a needle off the record, using a hole punch, PT flapping his jeans to get the wrinkles out.

Thursday May 21: Closing the cover on a smart device like an iphone or ipad, putting a horse shoe onto a horse and hammering the nail in, not pushing the door closed- it just automatically closes, coffee blender or a knob.

Friday May 22: Letting a desk draw open and bounce, closing a fridge, walking up an old stair case, shutting a car door. 

Monday May 25: Hitting a tambourine or a drum, working at a factory where you stamp pictures onto money, lighting up a match, squashing down a milk carton.

Tuesday May 26: Pulling the pin out of a fire extinguisher, closing a door or cupboard, closing a recliner, putting a dollop of yogurt on your cereal. 

Wednesday May 27: A pack of playing cards- pick them up then banging them on the table to separate them,  locking a shed door with a key, dropping a ream of paper or hitting it on the side of a desk,  dropping a bag of spuds.

Thursday May 28: Pressing a button down on a kettle and it popping back up,  shelf falling down, clapping your hands, chopping a piece of wood. 

Friday May 29: Using a hole punch, using a wheel brace-twisting it on the wheel nuts on a car tyre, popping a lock on a briefcase, soldiers coming to attention- stomping their feet. 

Thanks to Eclipse Ford and the ATO's instant tax write off - Take adavantage now at Eclipse Ford.