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Secret Sound

secret sound 2018

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

New secret sound Tuesday Feb 5th!

Incorrect Guesses:

 A stapler, Cutting paper, Slashing Paper with old style cutter, Digging a hole in the ground with a shovel, Dragging a brick on hard surface, Old-style alarm clock, Dropping a brick onto another brick, unlocking a car door, Hitting a paper on a bench, Putting mortar on a brick, Stamping on metal, Digging earth with a spade, Typing on a type writer, Lighting a fire with a flint, Sharpening a knife, Starting a whipper snipper, Dropping an anvil, Cracking a whip, Tree cutter, Door knocker, Pulling the tissue out of a box, cash register, dropping instant coffe into a cup with a spoon, playing spoons, hanging up a phone, putting coin in trolley coni slot, grass cutter, flicking steel brush, pushing down toast in toaster, tile cutter, twisting tyre brace, hole punch, striking at a ball, pushing footwheel down on mop bucket, cutting paper with gilotine, clipping nails, grating a carrot, closing a filing cabinet, ringing a bell on a bicycle, spring lock on a pool gate, scraping ice from freezer with ice scraper, totum tennis, putting locking chain/peg into a shopping trolley, salt and pepper grinder, closing lid on tupperware, cutting a carrot, pushing down toaster button/slide button, slinky rolling out on the desk/table, dishes hitting each other coming out of the dishwasher, opening tin of beans (Ring pull), cutting photgraphic paper, sharpening a knife with a sharpener, Peeling back milo foil, electric shaver, tightening wall-to-wall clothes line, Opening something that has a bolt, twisting coin slot on lolly vending machine, pushing button on a biro, grating carrot, cutting cloth with scissors, hooking trailor onto tow bar, closing cultery drawer, Tearing foil, refilling stapler, opening soft drink can, a lock, scrubbing cement, a clock hand ticking, blowing air from bike pump into mic, turning key in key hole, flicking open car key, Sawing wood, buckling a seat belt or helmet, coins in jar, spinning top, pushing down button on a type writer, bicycle bell, cup of tea hitting saucer, hole punch, sharp knife cutting vegetables, Fevetables being cut in food processor, slinky, trying to shut a door, locking button on iphone, slat and pepper grinder, cutting with scissors, Opening or closing the flap on a letterbox, Doing up a zip on a laptop bag, sanding a piece of wood, Ripping off a piece of dental floss, Door magnets reconnecting, Twisting the lid on a jar, Pumping up a tyre, Pushing a key out of a lock, Sharpening a knife, Plugging in a phone, dragging a brick across the floor, tightening a tap, shaking a money tin, Fitting a nozzle to a hose, Digging with a shovel and hitting a rock, Rubbing a file against metal, A brick scraping on another brick, Scrapping a shoe on a metal grate, Spring loaded tent pole, Getting a teaspoon of sugar for your coffee, sliding your coin in or out of a shopping trolley, Using a mortar and pesal,  Turning a light switch on or off

Monday 13th May: putting a lid on a saucepan, hitting a corner of a brick on concrete, scraping a shovel against the concrete, slicing or cutting an apple 

Tuesday 14th May: placing a battery into a remote control, digging a hole and your shovel hits a rock, dropping a spoon into an empty tin, putting a cup on a saucer after you have had a cup of tea 

Wednesday 15th May: using an old school flour sifter, dropping a coin in a donation box, a dog barking

Thursday 16th May: toast popping out of a toaster, dragging your feet on gravel, spring loaded nail gun, trying to turn over a car with a flat battery, combination lock being unlocked   

Friday 17th May: someone filling a hole in the wall (scraping it), pushing the button on an old cash registers, pulling the lever down while cutiing paper, a tape getting stuck while using a video recorder

Monday 20th May: Rubbing a flint together to start a fire, Putting a battery pack into a gardening tool, Hacksaw cutting metal, Opening a coffee tin with a spoon.

Tuesday 21st May:  Using an old style metal cigarette lighter, Dropping rubbish in a recycle bin, Lifting a desk chair up and down, A nerf gun being fired.

Wednesday 22nd May: Setting a mouse trap, An old fasioned door bell, A glass jar or cup being scrapped along a stone.

Thursday 23rd May:  Sharpening a pencil, Winding up a fishing rod, Pressing down on a drum pedal, Dragging a stick across a fence, Pressing a lid down on a food sealer.

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