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Secret Sound

secret sound 2019

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Here's the latest Secret Sound.

Incorrect Answers:

Monday 12th October: Clicking in a seatbelt, Biting into a carrot, Cracking an Egg into a pan. 

Tuesday 13th October: Standing on an egg shell, squashing a snail, Cracking a peanut, An echidna licking ants off a piece of bark.

Wednesday 14th October: A bare foot standing in dog poo, Using a retracable tape measure, Tearing off a piece of glad wrap.

Friday 16th October: Using an automatic hand sanitizer, Throwing slime onto a table, Cracking open a can of drink, Licking an icy pole or icecream.

Monday 19th October:  Squeezing a stress ball, Pulling a nail out of wood, Undoing clips on a truck covering, Opening a Roses chocolate, Popping bubble wrap, Popping a tablet.

Tuesday 20th October: Shelling a peanut, Using a nut cracker, Peeling an onion, Cracking your knuckles, Squeezing a lemon, The spitting sound of a coffee machine.

Wednesday 21st October: Sticking your thumb into a mandarin to peel it, Clicking your fingers, Sucking on a loiilpop, Snapping a stick in half, Opening a child safe tablet lid, Striking a match.

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