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Secret Sound

secret sound 2019

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Incorrect answers:

February 2nd 2021: A large transport truck slowing down, Wind blowing into a microphone, Using a bunson burner.

February 3rd: Using a pressure washer, Letting air out of a tyre, Using a hose to water the garden, The sound of a hairdryer, Boiling a kettle.

February 4th: Releasing air from a  balloon, Using a soda stream machine, The sound of fumes coming from a cars exhaust, the recording of a meditation session, frothing milk, Pouring a beer.  

February 5th: Undoing the clips on a truck taut liner, Jumping into a river, Turning a gas heater on, Pouring water onto a hotplate, A wave crashing on the beach.

February 8th: An outdoor gas patio heater, Using a gas burner, The wind blowing at the beach, Blowing up a hot air balloon, The sound coming from a sea shell.

February 9th: Watching an air plane, blowing with your lips, blowing up an helium balloon, jet of an air plane, blowing in a didgeridoo, road noise off a tyre.

February 10th: Pouring a cup of tea from a teapot, Someone in a UFO, Using the mist function on a hose gun, A faulty fan, Air coming from a freezer after opening the door, Filling a container with a hose.

February 11th: The wind blowing leaves or rubbish around on a footpath, A Hurricane in a rainforest, Opening a can of fizzy drink and listening to the fizz, Wind blowing throw trees, Shaking a tree branch, The sound of a dishwasher in operation.

February 12th: A flowing river, A snake hissing, Putting air into a car tyre, A plane taking off, A semi trailer whooshing past.

February 15th: Releasing gas before igniting it, Using a patio heater, An oxy torch being lit, Going through an automatic car wash.

February 16th: Using a flame torch, A car or truck driving down a highway, Turning on a ceiling fan, The exhaust of a car, Using a steam vaporiser, Using a vaccum cleaner.

February 17th: Using an ultra sonic cleaning bar, Blowing up a ballon with air, Using a sander on a timber floor, Burning metal with an electric welder, Pressure washing a car, Sucking liquid through a straw.

February 18th: A Train moving through a tunnel, A steam train starting up, Pouring petrol from a pump into a container, Sucking in spaghetti.

February 19th: A coffee maker froathing milk, Water filter in a fish tank, Turning on a sprinkler, Using a leaf blower, Putting the needle on a record, Water running into the cistern of a toilet after being flushed.

February 22nd: 

February 23rd: A jet taking off, The inbetween part of a washing machine or dryer cycle, The sound that a black hole makes, Using a pressure cooker, Water coming out of the tap and into the basin, The final spin on a washing machine.

February 24th: Cutting timber with an electric saw, The crackling of a bushfire, A spinning exhaust fan, Wind blowing through a turbine, the sound of a drone flying.

February 25th: Boiling a kettle, The sound of a babbling brook, Putting coal into the engine of a steam train, The sound of waves at the beach.

February 26th: The dryer in a carwash, White noise through speakers at a concert, Riding a bike and recording the sounds as they pass, The sound of a rattlesnake, Food cooking on a BBQ.

March 1st: Letting air out of a balloon, Squashing a plastic bottle and the air coming out, Using a helium pump to blow up a balloon, Lighting a gas patio heater, Filling up the car with petrol, A leaking gas main.

 March 2nd: Pulling a beer, The sound of a waterfall, A leaking water tank, The sound of the wind howling through Buchan Caves, the water foutain at Lake Wendouree, Breathing medical oxygen.

March 3rd: The sound of grasshoppers, Riding a skateboard, Riding a BMX bike, Riding a scooter, A volcano erupting, Riding a motorbike.

March 4th: Using an exercise bike, Skiing in the snow, A postie delivering mail on his bike, A tap running on an aeroplane, Someone driving a golg cart, Riding a spin bike, An aeroplane flying over.

March 5th: Riding a hoverboard, Riding a segway, Flipping a bike, Putting fuel into a motorbike, Riding a skateboard, Riding a flying fox.

 Thanks to the Ford Transit Cab chassis… drives like a ute and carry’s like a truck...now at Eclipse Ford Ballarat