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Secret Sound

}secret sound 2019

Take a listen to 3BA's Secret Sound and you never know you could become our next cash winner thanks to Eclipse Ford, Albert St, Sebastopol.

To have your shot at the cash call PT in the Bigshow weekdays at 10 past 8 on 5332 1023.

Takea listen! Do you think you know what the Secret Sound is?

Incorrect Answers:

Tuesday 18th February: A Seatbelt waving in the wind, A wooden wheel turning round and round, The wind blowing into a mobile phone while on a call.

Wednesday 19th February: Boiling liquid, Waiving cardboard, A tarp flapping in the wind.

Thursday 20th February: A disability car sticker flapping in the wind, a recording of a mobile phone in a wind tunnel, Holding a microphone in the wind, Driving over a corregated road.

Friday 21st February: The wind blowing against a bit of iron/tin, Shaking a flimsy cutting board, Pulling the tarp off a truck, Rolling out a rubbish bin.

Tuesday 25th February: Ten pin bowling with a wooden ball.

Wednesday 26th February: Blowing on the stylus on a record player, Videoing on a mobile phone on a windy day, Cement being mixed in a mixer, Balls falling after putting money in the pool table.

Thursday 27th February: Dragging feet through gravel, Driving over rumble strips, The wind blowing through a parachute sail, The sound of thunder.

Friday 28th February: Shaking up a box of maltesers or M&M's - Flying a kite, Using a wobbleboard.

Tuesday 3rd March: Spinning a coin on a desk and the noise it makes before falling flat, A fan blowing into the microphone, a tarp flapping in the wind.

Wednesday 4th March: Running your hand across an abacus, Standing outside recording the wind, Blowing bubbles in a drink, Sound of a match after striking it.

Thursday 5th March: A spinning top, Boiling Water, Using a rice cooker.

Friday 6th March: Cutting paper with a pair of scissors

Tuesday 10th March: Pool balls going down the chute, Using the chain on a roller blind to pull it up or down.

Wednesday 11th March: Nothing to do with 10 pin bowling, Dragging a stool or table on a tile floor, Blowing across the top of a hot drink, Paper attached to an air conditioner.

Thursday 12th March: Rolling heavy balls across a veranda, Using a go pro.

Friday 13th March: Rinsing your mouth out with water, Pouring paint onto paper, Wobbling a piece of board.

Monday 16th March: Fireworks going off, A truck decelerating, Empting a bag of potatoes into a bin, Shaking a drink.

Tuesday 17th March: Nothing to do with a kite, Swishing liquid in your mouth, Rolling up toilet paper.

Wednesday 18th March: Outdoor awning or blind flapping in the wind, Hailstones falling onto a car, Washing drying on a clothes line on a windy day.

Thursday 19th March: Wobbling a sheet of fibreglass, Rolling out toilet paper, Rolling up a laminated poster.

Monday 23rd March: Blowing into a fan, Air con on in the car with drivers window open a fraction creating a wind tunnel.

Tuesday 24th March: The sound of a train, A wheelie bin being rolled down a driveway, pouring tennis balls into a bucket, Wind blow through a sail on a boat.

Wednesday 25th March: Lighting a gas hot plate, using a microphone in the wind, Fanning a fire with cardboard.

Thursday 26th March: Blowing bubbles, The fan spinning in the oven, A dog with sloppy chops shaking its head, Doning a hand drum roll on a wooden benchtop.

Friday 27th March: Picking up and shaking a piece of tin.

Monday 30th March: A flag blowing in the wind, Pouring breakfast cereal into a bowl, Spraying fly spray, Ripping off a piece of glad wrap.

Thanks to Eclipse Ford's 2019 Plate Clearance. Part of your local Community, open & here for you, Albert st Sebastopol.