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02/12/2023 6:45 pm to 02/12/2023 9:00 pm
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City Oval Bowling Club, 1406 Sturt Street, Ballarat
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You are invited to an important upcoming event which explores the intersection of stalking with domestic abuse and sexual violence being held during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.

With the Victorian Law Reform Commission Stalking: Final Report being released in October 2022 and containing 45 recommendations for stalking law reform, there has been an increased focus on how the criminal justice system can better respond to stalking offences.

VLRC report link: The improved understanding of the seriousness of stalking has led to the commencement of Victoria Police’s pilot of the Screening Assessment for Stalking and Harassment (SASH) Tool which pivots the focus to the offender’s behaviour and risk of re-offending.

For those of you who are interested in this issue, Narelle Fraser and Cathy Oddie will be holding a special event during the 16 Days of Activism in Ballarat to discuss stalking and the impacts it has on those subjected to it.

· What kind of person becomes a stalker? Are there warning signs someone is being stalked? Why do people stalk?

· In Narelle Fraser’s 27-year career with Victoria Police, it was her time investigating sex offences that she relished the most.

Why? Because she was determined to convict and sentence as many sex offenders as possible, having seen the psychological and physical damage victims of sex offences are left with, firsthand.

Narelle’s driving force was to protect would-be victims and help those who had succumbed to sexual crimes.

· In this compelling event, Narelle will talk in-depth about the profile of a stalker and use investigations she worked on to highlight how the offenders were eventually caught and the methods used for interviewing.

· Cathy will discuss her lived experience of having survived ten years of stalking from an abusive ex-partner and how this has led to her advocacy journey fighting for systemic and legislative changes since 2007.

· Cathy Oddie has worked across a number of sectors including Centrelink, Superannuation, Mental Health, Emergency Services and Family Violence.

This cross-sector experience, as well as her own lived experience of family violence, sexual assault and mental health-related matters have given her a unique insight into the many challenges faced by people experiencing complex life circumstances when trying to navigate the service system for assistance.

· Since 2007, Cathy has been a volunteer Survivor Advocate with Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre. This role led Cathy to make a submission and give evidence at the 2015 Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Her testimony resulted in two of the final 227 Recommendations, one of which led to the Review of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act which was tabled to Victorian Parliament in 2018.

Cathy made a submission and was called to give evidence to the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee: Inquiry into Victoria’s Criminal Justice System in 2021.

She has also been involved in numerous consultation and co-design processes on legislation and policy reforms including the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) Stalking Inquiry and VLRC Improving the Response of the Justice System to Sexual Offences Report.

· Cathy was appointed to the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety’s Victim of Crime Consultative Committee as a Victim Representative in 2020.

In addition to this appointment, she joined Victoria Legal Aid’s “Specialist Family Violence Court Project” Steering Committee and their “Legal Services in the Orange Door Project” as a Family Violence Lived Experience Consultant.

She was also on the working group which co-designed the new Victim’s Legal Service which was launched in March 2023.

Cathy is passionately committed to the healing, recovery and financial wellbeing of victim survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

There will be a public Q + A session at the end of Narelle and Cathy’s presentation.

Please note that this is strictly an 18+ event.

Event details: 2nd December at the City Oval Bowling Club, 1406 Sturt Street, Ballarat.

Free parking available at both the front and rear of the venue.

Arrive by 6:45 pm for a 7 pm start.

Tickets can be purchased for $25 via the below link:

Tickets numbers are limited