VIC BAL 3BA The Eliminator slider

Imaging getting to chose from 100 of the most exciting experiences and items. That’s what’s on offer with "The Eliminator".

3BA are giving listeners the chance to compete in a contest that puts a bunch of “bucket-list” prizes (worth up to $500,000) up for grabs!

Four times a day on 3BA, we will being playing "The Eliminator" Throughout all shows throughout the day, will invite listeners to call up to play. Whoever gets on the line will be given the choice of two amazing prizes worth $5,000 – one of which they need to “eliminate”. That person will then go into the final draw of the contest, and if selected, they get to choose from the last two most-popular prizes and will win the final prize.

Winner will be drawn to play the final Eliminator on Friday 8th of October.

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