3BAs 20K Pay Day slider

3BA’s biggest promotion for the year is here! 

3BA are giving one lucky listener the chance to win $20,000..

That’s right, for 4 weeks our listeners will have the chance to enter our $20k Payday promotion just by listening to 3BA.

When you hear the nominated song, call in as soon as possible and if you get through to the studio, you go into the draw to be one of the 200 people eligible to win! The 3BA announcer will be taking a minimum of 5 calls each time and every call taken will go into the draw. 

At the end of the promotion, all people in the draw need to turn up to the Outside Broadcast at Telstra Store - Bridge Mall, Ballarat on Friday 18th June. One of the 200 people will be randomly selected to choose a envelope. 1 envelope has $20,000 in it and 99 envelopes have $1,000. Will the lucky winner be having a 20k Pay Day? Keep tuning into 3BA to find out!


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