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Random Act Of Kindness

This is a touching story of a "Random Act of Kindness" bestowed on a Daylesford mum, but her story is so much more than that.

 I first came across this story via news.com.au and in these troubled times of COVID-19, it's just the sort of story that I like to bring to my listeners.

I think we all love hearing those stories about kindness especially given the harshness of the world today.

So not only did I talk about Jen Willis (from Daylesford) and her story, I tracked her down to hear the story from her own mouth and found there was so much more going on in her life than a "Random Act  of Kindness that she had received from a kind hearted couple in Williamstown.

Take a listen to Jen's story and you might want the tissues close by.

Photo Supplied: Jen Willis Facebook