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When Home Schooling Goes Wrong!

During Covid-19, many parents had to keep their kids at home and home school them.

For most parents, it worked out okay, but for one family, it went so wrong, so so wrong!

Let's head over to Canberra.

Igor and Danielle are proud parents of 6 year old Kristian, until he left them a little bit shocked and broke.

Igor told A Current Affair that he had given Kristian his iPad to use for home-schooling, he even set it up with fingerprint ID so Kristian could access it anytime, but that's where it all went wrong.

Kristian also used it to play a kids game called Roblox and purchase food for his pets.

He had no idea he was racking up a bill worth $8000!

The fingerprint ID not only unlocks the device but gave him access to his parents bank accounts and credit cards.

After an "horrendous" fight with Apple to get their money back, Apple finally refunded them and decided to waiver their fee.

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