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Woolworths Wants To Change The Way We Buy Groceries

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COVID-19 has really changed the way we do things like grocery shopping like Click & Collect and Home Deliveries with contactless service, but Woolworths is hoping to go one step further with their changes. 

Woolworths is planning to offer an Amazon-style (Amazon Go) checkout-free self-service in their stores plus they want to encourage combined online and real world buying,

Woolworths says that since COVID-19, customers have embraced a digital way to shop for groceries. 

Some customers have already started trialling contactless shopping.

It's where you scan the items with an app on your smartphone as you shop through the store, then you can pay for the groceries without interacting with the checkouts, you simply tap off at a kiosk in the self-serve area or dedicated Scan&Go lane.

The only thing, you must be a Woolworths Rewards members and you must upload an accepted credit or debit card within the app.

Right now, Scan&Go is only available at 15 of Woolworths’ 1000 Australian stores, with plans to roll it out to more stores at some stage.

Just note that it doesn't replace physically paying with cash or card at a check-out or interacting face-to-face with staff.

So what happens if your phone goes flat while shopping?

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