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Muso's In Iso - Part Five Adam Thompson


This week, 3BA's Bigshow takes a look at Australia's music astists and how they are coping not being on the road and what they are doing in isolation to continue their careers.

In part five of "Muso's in Iso" we chat with the man of many personas, Adam Thompson.

Adam Thompson is one Australia's most charasmatic characters on and off the stage and it all started in his young years.

At one time during his high school days and to quote Adam:

"While school teachers and students are mostly learning from home, I thought i would give some hope to year 12 students and show them what and end of school muck up day looked like for me.
My buddy (Chris) and I illegally towed two horses in a float (we didn't have a license) from our farm and 'hid' them overnight at my grandparents house! (Tied them to the hills hoist from memory).
Next day we bravely (pardon the pun), painted up Apache style and rode the two beasts bareback into high school.
I was banned from the library for causing too much trouble during the last few months of year 12, so my parting gesture was to ride said beast into the non fiction area, where Comanche (my horse) ceremoniously release some of its daily ablutions to the aghast of the librarian. Suspend me.. I think not fair lady of the bibliofile variety.
Task complete! School is out!

Apart from being the mainstay and lead singer of Chocolate Starfish since the 1990's, Adam has  also toured paying tribute to INXS and Queen. As a matter of fact, when COVID-19 seriously kicked in, he was in the middle of touring the Bohemian Rhapsody tribute which had wowed audiences everywhere.

Adam is also the creator and facilitator of "Musomagic". 

MusoMagic provides innovative, outstanding workshops and programs that unite, engage, motivate and empower groups of all ages and backgrounds through the magic of song.

And let's not forget about Chocolate Starfish itself!


Chocolate Starfish earned two Top 10 singles and two Top 5 albums, with Gold and Platinum album sales for their self-titled debut. This album spawned their number one hit, “You’re So Vain”, and Top 5 hit “Mountain”, and earned them an Australian Music Award (ARIA) for Most Popular Album of 1994.

To add to an increasingly busy lifesyle Adam has also just released to the digital platforms his 2003 solo album "Reconnect".

So, here is the final instalment of "Muso's in Iso" - Part 5 with Adam Thompson.