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City Leaders Call For BALLARAT Residents To Be Bold And Stay Home

The City of Ballarat, Commerce Ballarat, Committee for Ballarat and Ballarat Regional Tourism are calling on Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison to continue to be bold and brave in their decision making on flattening the COVID-19 curve.

And while we await more bold decisions from our nation’s leaders, we’re also leading bold movements of our own. 

As city leaders, we’re urging the Ballarat community to stay home and do their bit to flatten the curve across our region. We are concerned that the cases in Australia have now risen to more than 2,000. We may only have five positive cases of COVID-19 in Ballarat, but we know that this figure will only increase.    

We only need to look to Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States to know what our future holds and we need bold action to contain this spread and protect lives. We are tracking on the same trajectory as some of these countries and Ballarat has some of the worst social determinants of health and chronic disease. We need to ensure no one is left behind. Two deaths in Victoria is two too many.  

We urge the Premier and Prime Minster to consider making moves to close cities and limit the movement of people.  Within weeks we could have 77,000 people infected in the Grampians region alone, based on current figures.  

We are now calling on our community to stay home, be kind and do their bit to flatten the curve.  We are asking you to not only stay home but to stay within our town limits.  

Melbourne is where the majority of the COVID-19 cases are currently being recorded. They have recorded more than 400 cases to date – we have recorded five. We urge you not to travel there at the moment.    

Stay within the Ballarat limits and we can be like Vo – the Italian town that beat coronavirus by isolating itself from the rest of its nation. In the epicentre of the Italian COVID-19 epidemic, they recorded just one death.  

We call on the state and federal governments to be bold, brave and move swiftly.  

We call on the residents of Ballarat to stay home, stay within the municipal boundaries and together we can beat this. We can be bold, and we can be like Vo.