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Christmas Presents Stolen

Heartbreak for a single mum of 2 after the kids Christmas presents were stolen.

Redan single mum of two Bree savory had hidden the kids Xmas presents in the boot of her car. Unfortunatley the car was broken into and the thieves stolen close $1000 in presents.

Leading Senior Constable Mark Armstrong is asking for any anyone with information to call the Dana Stree Police Station or get in touch with crimestoppers.

3BA Bigshow host PT spoke with Bree about her heartbreaking situation.

Following my chat with Bree the 3BA studio phones lit up, literally like a Christmas Tree, and once again the Ballarat community rallied to save the day and Christmas for the Savory family.

I'm so happy to say that Bree and her kids Christmas will be so much brighter and happier with some very generous donations - Ballarat we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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