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World Record Attempt Update

A Little Change Big Difference is a community initiative aiming to break the World Record for the longest line of coins.

The current record, held by a community in Austria, is 75km, but it is time for Ballarat to take the title! Our aim is for 90km of coins so that we smash that record out of the park.

All proceeds from the World Record attempt will go to support the BRICC Wellness Centre, to continue to provide supportive care programs and facilities for cancer patients within the Ballarat and Grampians region.

The World Record attempt is planned to take place at Llanberris Athletic Track on Friday 6th December 2019. 

Event organiser Shane Darroch, who has been raising funds for the Wellness Centre since his mother passed away from cancer seven years ago, says, “This is an exciting community event that could put Ballarat in the spotlight and also show that a little change can make a big difference”.

This community-run initiative is supported by the City of Ballarat and Ballarat Health Services.

There will be food and drink for sale and other activities while we get busy. The people from the Guinness World Records will be there to make sure we are meeting the guidelines".

Full details on how you can donate can be found on this webpage www.alittlechangeabigdifference.com.au

3BA Bigshow host PT spoke with Shane and Simone Noelker from the Wellness Centre who gave us an update on the world record attempt and how we as a community can help.