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Bride Cancels Wedding & Then Takes 30k In Wedding Donations

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One bride has upset the majority of her wedding party recently.

joyeuxanniversaire1 was busy scouring the internet when she found this little gem on Facebook. 
Seems a bride had asked all of her wedding guests to crowd fund her upcoming wedding.

Many were generous, and she ended up with 30 thousand dollars, but then, things went sour.

The wedding had been postponed, and Pam decided that she wanted the money to go on an early honeymoon and use the 30 grand to do so. 

joyeuxanniversaire1 posted it onto Reddit and it went off!

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Many want their money back as you can see, but as far Pam is concerned, it's hers to do what ever she wants and that's going on a holiday.


But to have the audacity to say that when they reschedule the wedding, she is opening up the crowd fund again, yeah good luck with that Pam.

You can read more HERE

Screen shots are from joyeuxanniversaire1

Image by Pexels from Pixabay