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#NupToTheCup Is The Alternative To The Melbourne Cup Today

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I didn't realise that the movement behind boycotting the Melbourne Cup was growing so fast and so strong!

But it is.

Many Aussies are choosing to not celebrate the Melbourne Cup today and are going to take part in what is now being dubbed #NupToTheCup

There have been plenty of “alternative” events planned for today (and this has being going on for years now, I must have had my head stuck in the sand because I did not know this.)

Around 26 “nup to the cup” events have been organised across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and even Canberra. 

The CPR (The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses) says that these events include champagne lunches, “cruelty free” fashion shows, raffles and my favourite racing event, a T-Rex race, where people race in inflatable dinosaur costumes.

This idea to boycott the Race That Stops The Nation is growing due to the recent episode of ABC’s 7.30 program that showed many racehorses being sent to the slaughterhouse and being mistreated while there.

Many have taken to Social Media to express their opinion on the matter.

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Image by Clarence Alford from Pixabay