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Duct Tape Study Undertaken

Apparently our American friends are big lovers of duct tape and it seems there's nothing they wont use it on.

A recent study of 2000 Americans revealed that 51% currently have duct tape holding something together in their house, and another one in three (37%) are using it to patch up something on or in their car.

88% of Americans say that when something breaks in their home, their first instinct is to reach for the duct tape.

Duct tape can be a savior when something breaks and you need to fix it in a jiffy and, according to the results, 78% actually consider duct tape to be “magical.”

So what else are they taping together to get their "quick fix"? Everything...apparently!

From broken toilet seats to holding a boat engine together and even keeping a laptop in one peice.

Here's a "sticky situation for you to ponder. Is it the duct tape or gaffer tape that you reach for in the hope of being able to do a patch job when the situation arises?