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Ballarat Local Raises Funds While Battling Cancer

No! you don't need a reason to help others, but one Ballarat local has a major reason to help others going through the same fight she is.

Emma Barrance has stage 4 bowel cancer and despite her illness has others in mind. Recently Emma celebrated her birthday, and instead of asking for a present from those attending, she requested that attendees donate cash towards the "A Little Change, A Big Difference" fundraiser for the Wellness Centre at B.R.I.C.C.

The end result? Take a listen to the podcast to find out how amazing this lady and her friends and family are.

The "A Little Change, A Big Difference" fundraiser World Record attempt for the longest line of coins is planned to take place at Llanberris Athletic Track on Friday 6th December 2019. 

Event organiser Shane Darroch, who has been raising funds for the Wellness Centre since his mother passed away from cancer seven years ago, says, “This is an exciting community event that could put Ballarat in the spotlight and also show that a little change can make a big difference”.


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