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Frustrated Vegan Takes Meat Lovers To Court Due To The Smell

Sometimes there are smells that can become pretty annoying, like one frustrated vegan has discovered.

Cilla Carden is a vegan from Perth, and she has had enough of next door neighbours cooking meat in their backyard on their bbq, and she claims the smell that fills up her backyard is so bad that she can't spend time outside.

Cilla claims that her neighbours deliberately cook their meat outside so all she can smell is meat and fish.

(I suppose they are to blame for the wind blowing in her direction as well).

Not only the meat scent is driving her wild, but the smell of cigarettes and the sound of the kids playing basketball.

And she has taken them to court (this has been going on since late last year), claiming that she can't sleep, that's it's been nothing but "turmoil" and "unrest".

Her claims were rejected due to lack of evidence, but she persevered, applying to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for right of appeal (which mind you was turned down a couple of months ago).

Neighbour Toan Vu and his family just want to “keep the peace”.

He has even removed the barbecue and has stopped his kids from playing basketball.

And by the way, Cilla is also having a go at the neighbour on the other side of the Vu family.

Must be a fun street to live down!

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