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O Negative Blood Donors Urgently Needed

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is calling on 5000 people with the O Negative blood type to donate over the next 2 weeks as O Negative levels reach their lowest point the year.

Ballarat blood service spokesperson Colin Littlejohn says "with our regular donors still being knocked out by cold and flu, we've seen the blood service's own reserves of O Negative dip to less than two days' supply after maintaining hospital stocks.

He is urging first time and regular O Negative donors to roll up their sleeves and give blood in order to boost supplies.



Why is O negative so important?

It’s the ‘universal’ blood type and can be given to anyone in an emergency, so it’s used as fast as it’s donated.

Only around 1 in 10 Australians are this type, so if you’re O negative you’re not only valuable, you’re rare too.

If you don’t know your blood type, donate and we’ll tell you — all blood types are needed.