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Sick? Dont Go To Work!

New research reveals more than half (54%) of Australians still show up to work despite being sick and one in five (21%) report having too much work to do, to take a sick day.

The research from water purification company, Waterlogic Australia, reveals the overwhelming numbers of Australians adopting the hero mentality and working through sickness. Australians who work when unwell are more prone to injury, are less productive, risk passing on their illness to other employees and are more likely to make errors.

While one in ten (16%) surveyed believe colleagues should still come into the office if they can perform their duties, the impact of presenteeism is estimated to cost organisations $35 billion . Therefore, workplaces and employees need to work together to take a more active role in managing sick days.

3BA Bigshow host PT spoke with the "Wholesome" Doctor, Preeya Alexander about the situation.

Dr Preeya Alexander is a practicing GP working in Richmond, Melbourne and a graduate of Adelaide University. She also works as a medical educator with Eastern Victoria GP Training where she assists in the education of training GPs. She is passionate about all things ‘prevention’ in medicine. A doctor and mother, Preeya shares her tips on staying healthy with medical based evidence which she shares on her blog The Wholesome Doctor.

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