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Total Tools DIY Entrants

If you'd like to win a $500 Total Tools voucher to help start or complete a home DIY project then keep on reading. Plus you can check out some of our entrants so far.

3BA together with Total tools are giving you the chance to win a $500 TT gift card and all you have to do to win it and get your DIY to completion is send a photo of the job you want to start or get completed. And let's face it $500 worth of Total Tools will surely be a big help.

Send your photo and brief explanation of your DIY to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to our facebook page www.facebook.com/radio3ba

All photo's received will be displayed on our website with final judging to take place 5pm on Thursday the 6th of June and the winner anounced by PT and Tim the Toolman from Total Tools in the 3BA Bigshow Friday the 7th of June.

Good Luck.

So, let's check out some of our DIY people in need.

From Cheryl Sadler:

This "fence" has been (how long have we bern married? ) nearly 30 years in the making 😅 necessity is forcing him to try & finish in a week. A bit of a hand from Total Tools would sure help.

From Jim Bob:

May not look like a Disaster but only a wee bit gets done when $ permits.
Doors and benches means the Nursery is complete.

From Brooke Croton:

My hubby started this project two years ago when we needed a bigger refrigerator. So he knocked out a wall and that’s about all was done and it needs to be finished!

From Jane Mills:

I'm sending this in for my dad secretly, and Im mainly doing it for mums sake...Mum bought a caravan a couple of years ago.
To quote dad "I'll gut it and make it modern for you" - two years later and nothing has changed.... 

From Terri Hurst - Cridge:

This our driveway gate,  as you can see, my husband was very creative with building a remote control gate. But as you can see, he has not yet finished it. Even our LITTLE Maltese can jump it and he is pushing 15years of age. It would be so wonderful to have it finally finished after 3 Long Year's waiting.

From Melissa Brown:

I got my tradie brother in to build this fence to keep the dogs out of the veggie patch. My partner just hasn't got around to building a gate yet. Lucky we got it made so tall because I just discovered my Labrador has been hurdling the makeshift gate. 

From Ian Barrow:

The project we are planning is to recess two bookshelves into the lounge from the hall, put in an attic ladder and a cavity slider onto the opposite side of hall for future pantry. We will also be reflooring the whole area with a floating floor. The plans are big and I am going to do it all myself.

From Wendy Cooper:

I have a small bathroom for 4 people, that my husband was going  to do up, 13 years ago,  but he lost his life in an work accident. We were adding another room at the back at the time which we finished, but the bathroom, missed out.

From Anita:

Our retaining wall has been like this for 4 years!! We just have to prioritize finishing the house in the background!! The retaining wall just sits there unfinished!!

From Andrew:
This is my failed attempt at fixing the back door and the walls.
From Marselle:
Should be an easy in and out bathroom reno, but once that plaster and tiles came off we discovered rotten flooring which my mum fell through and now my bathroom is a pit of mud!
From Michelle Harris:
Here is a lovely photo of me trying to replace the backing on my sink with a stick on backing that wasn’t successful and pulled it off and some parts are still stuck on there . And my taps don’t fit properly either. There’s a few things at my place that really needs fixing including my ceiling from water damage a year ago.
From Aaron Deminger:
I'm entering this competition because i'd like to make a bit of headway on my new vt ss series 1 after my last one was T-boned last September, as being a low income household its made it hard to get the new project started.






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