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Winter Appeal Launch

Federation University Vice Chancellor, Professor Helen Bartlett, will officially launch the 3BA WINTER APPEAL on Friday May 31st. 

Federation University has been an outstanding and very generous contributor to the 3BA WINTER APPEAL over many years by conducting a staff luncheon and auction, resulting in many thousands of dollars and food items being secured for the appeal. 

The forthcoming appeal will also be the first conducted under the new banner of the 3BA WINTER APPEAL, a rebranding of the former 3BA Christmas in July Appeal.   Commenting on the new identity for the appeal, 3BA General Manager, John Fitzgibbon, explained the purpose for the rebranding was to provide each of the major 3BA community appeals with their own specific identity.   We will now have a Winter Appeal and a Christmas Appeal.

“The change of name better reflects the identity of the appeal and re-enforces the bitterness the Ballarat winter means for many.  We hope the Ballarat community understands the challenges so many in our community face across the whole 3 months of winter”

The founder and former Director of 3BA’s Community Appeals and now Appeal Ambassador, Peter Caligari, said that whilst the mid-year appeal had been extremely successful since its launch in 2001 as the 3BA Christmas in July Appeal, the fact that this very significant appeal now runs for the entire winter period it was appropriate that it be identified as the 3BA WINTER APPEAL.

The 3BA WINTER APPEAL now in its 19th year, and the 3BA CHRISTMAS APPEAL which later this year will celebrate its 40th year, have provided massive support to Ballarat’s four major welfare agencies and charities, Uniting Ballarat, Anglicare, the Salvation Army and the St Vincent de Paul Society having secured millions of dollars in cash donations, as well as huge quantities of food items, blankets, toys and other essential items.

3BA Bigshow host PT and our Winter Appeal partners joined Maxi Foods Redan Manager Andrew Pocock to oversee the delivery of 14 pallets of food to kickstart this years appeal.