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Personal Treasure Found 40 Years After Lost By Owner

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It's like a finding a treasure chest full of missing memories and sometimes it just needs to be returned to its original owner.

40 years after it went missing, it has been found by Rachel Pollard's children.

They were celebrating Mother's Day at Boronia Park (Sawtell), when all of a sudden, Rachel noticed something in her children's hands, and it looked quite old and disgusting.

The children had picked up a wallet off the ground, so Rachel's first instinct was to throw it out, but then decided to take a look inside, and what she discovered what quite fascinating, it was a throw back to the 80's.

She found:

  • a bookshop card from a university in St Lucia in Brisbane
  • a card for StereoFM 104 (been re-branded since then)
  • an old key card
  • an old Commonwealth Bank card 
  • And an 1980 ID card of the owner of the wallet, Jennifer Sinclair, who at the time was 18 

Upon further investigation, the ID card, even though it has withered a lot, told Rachel that the mystery owner did live in Brisbane at the time, and will be celebrating her 58th birthday this year.

Rachel (from Coffs Harbour) has gone to social media to help try and find Jennifer.

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Image by annca from Pixabay