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Man gets a pet Tarantula to annoy Mother in-law

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How do you stop someone you don't like coming around to visit? Well one guy figured it out!

This man is just not a fan of his in-laws, and after one too many fights with them, he decided to take action.

Posting on Reddit, this man describes the in-laws as ‘insufferable,’  the mother in-law nags him endlessly, privacy means nothing to them, they turn up everyday, plus his wife won't set any boundaries with them, so he decided to change that, after he discovered the mother in-laws biggest fear.



He noticed her one day just lose it over a wolf spider, that was innocently sitting corner of the room, doing nothing.

She went into full panic mode, so he decided to get a tarantula and it lives in a big enclosure in the living room.

He even asked his wife before he purchased it (but didn’t tell her why). 

And it seems it worked like a charm, as his father in-law drops still drops by, but there's no sign of his mother in-law.

If I came across one, this would be me!


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Image by Michael Kleinsasser from Pixabay