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Time to Shoot The Breeze with Alex Tselios

Alex Tselios

Geordi spoke to Alex Tselios this morning and there were many interesting topics to chat about:
Taking home the wedding food or taking food to a wedding? A family in the UK were shocked when a wedding guest had 10 plastic tupperware containers to take home food. At the same time, a woman took her own food to another wedding because she was vegan, even though the bride had arranged a special vegan meal. Is it right to be offended by these antics, or should brides be more relaxed on their special day?
Telemedicine isn’t a futuristic concept - it’s here! The idea that you can manage your blood glucose data via your smart phone, and your doctor can check these analytics at any time indicates how telemedicine could become more efficient for patients than visiting your local GP - but are we more likely to follow up on our medical issues knowing we have to watch a follow-up video conference, or log in to an app everyday? We discuss the future of medicine and how this technology is being used in Germany to treat patients that have urgent conditions.
After the announcement of the royal babies name, Archie, TBS is looking at the one name to apparently rule them all - Emma. According to stats, Emma has been the number one name for baby girls for five years straight. We look at why parents are loving the name Emma, and the other three top names recently announced for 2018.

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