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Do we need the #diningmode challenge in Ballarat?

I am not a fan of going out with someone to a restaurant, and they seem to find their phone more engaging than me. Is there something wrong with me? Am I that boring? Well no, because a survey has proven that many people are on their phones while out for tea.

Restaurant reservation app "Open Table" decided that a survey was needed and they found that 85% of people use their phones while out to dinner.

To try and stop this, many restaurants are trying to come up with ways to get people talking again.

The Loft Lounge & Bar, over in Perth, started offering their patrons a free glass of champagne if they put their phones away.  

Another one, Gusti Restaurant & Bar, has placed conversation starter coasters around in order to help those who find it hard to converse with questions like "If you could move to a new country, where would you go?" and "What's a day you wish you could relieve?".

Will the global #diningmode challenge take off in Ballarat? Does it need to?

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