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Your Private Conversations May Not Be So Private

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Did you ever get the feeling that someone was listening to every word you said but had no idea who, well there could be a "who" in your home right now.

Not long ago, Apple told the world that Siri starts listening to you talk after hearing so-called “wake up” words.

And now, Amazon has admitted that they can hear your private conversations through Alexa.

Now get this, Steve Sammartino, who is a futurist and business technologist came out and said that, quote, “Any speaker device, phone or app which can be used by speaking to it, is always listening.”

So if you have a smart phone, laptop, internet connected TV, Amazon Echo, Google home, Facebook Portal and other apps which use a microphone can listen to you when you’re having a casual conversation in your home.

Mr Sammartino also mentioned that tech companies are recording your conversations, to improve the device or app’s algorithm.

But seriously, it freaks me out because that means no matter what, someone somewhere is listening. 

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Image by Couleur from Pixabay