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On Tuesdays, 8:40am, it's Shoot The Breeze with Alex Tselios from thebigsmoke.com.au

 This weeks topics included;

019 did not disappoint when it came to weird Easter eggs - from Jaegermeister, Cheese, Avocado all the way to the Marmite easter egg - how much would you vary away from the traditional chocolate easter egg all the in the name of being an Instagram foodie? Have we gone too far in trying to be ‘different’.
What red flags do wedding photographers believe indicates future trouble for new couples? A group of UK wedding photographers have listed the biggest red flags they’ve seen at weddings, which has often led to them finding out the couples split not long after. From how the vows were approached to how they ate the wedding cake - we look at what these wedding photographers consider ‘red flags’.
Research finds men with beards have more germs than dogs, and I for one could not agree with the research more. Taking swaps from bearded men, as well as dogs, found that the men had higher levels of bacteria than the dogs. The findings though, recognised this could be the same amongst any clump of human hair, meaning it’s not beards specifically that are unhygenic, and that we could all have loads of bacteria in our hair we aren’t aware of - yet worry about how dirty our dogs are.

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