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In A Grumpy Mood?

Grumpy Cat


New research finds a surprising solution!

If you’re completely fed up with things and marching around in a foul mood, research has discovered a way that can calm you down and make you feel a whole lot better!

Subjects in a study were asked to walk around a building for 12 minutes and practice one of the following techniques:

Loving-kindness: Looking at people they saw and thinking, “I wish for this person to be happy”.

Interconnectedness: Looking at people and thinking about how they are connected to each other; thinking about feelings they may share or things they might have in common.

Downward social comparison: Looking at other people and thinking about how they themselves may be better off.

The study also included a group of students who were told to look at people and focus on what they saw on the outside; clothing, colour combinations, textures as well as makeup and accessories.

All students were surveyed before and after to measure anxiety, happiness, stress, empathy and connectedness.

The researchers compared each technique and found those who practiced loving-kindness (wishing others well) showed the most improvement in mood of all groups.


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