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Daylight Saving Time Ends Next Month!

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How would you like it all year round?

Daylight saving time ends in Australia next month (more on that to come).

But in America, daylight saving time started last Sunday morning.

And in Florida, people may never have to set their clocks back again.

Florida lawmakers voted to pass a Sunshine Protection Act. This is a bill that would keep daylight saving time throughout the year.

Reportedly state senator Greg Steube came up with the idea when realising parents had trouble getting their kids up for school when the clocks changed. Many in the state feel that a permanent change to daylight saving time would boost tourism and save money.

It would of course mean that Florida would be out of kilter with the rest of the East Coast, which would affect many aspects of life including the conduct of business.

However, the change is not guaranteed for Florida. The bill will have to be signed by the Governor Rick Scott, and then it will take an act of Congress to approve.

In Australia

Daylight saving time ends April 7, 2019.

When local daylight time is about to reach 3am, Sunday April 7, 2019, clocks are turned backward 1 hour to 2am, Sunday April 7, 2019 local standard time instead giving us more sunlight in the morning.