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Fined For Wearing Flip Flops Is A Thing

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If you are heading over to Italy anytime soon, don't wear your thongs cause they can score you a hefty fine!

Cinque Terre (Italy) is very popular with tourists as they love to hike the scenic trails.

But if you are caught wearing flimsy footwear like a good old pair of humble thongs, sandals or even heels, you could up coming home with a fine worth $4000. 

Mountain rescue units created this new rule because they spent a huge amount of their time rescuing hikers who were wearing ridiculous shoes not made for hiking and had found themselves trapped on the narrow trails.

Apparently people love visiting the area but they believe they are solely at the seaside, and they don't realize that paths above the villages are more like mountain trails, and that's where they are coming undone. 

A campaign is being launched to inform visitors that they need to be better equipped when hiking the trails.

And if you ignore these new rules, you could face fines between €50 ($AU80) and €2500 ($AU4023).

Not only do you need to wear appropriate footwear if you are going to hike these trails, you need to take water to drink as well so you don't end up dehydrated.


Apparently around 2.8 million people visit the area every year.

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Image by Broesis on Pixabay