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Our Garbage Is Stockpiling And We Must Act Now!

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In a nutshell, we are in trouble with our rubbish!

And that's because China stopped taking our garbage around a year ago, and things are looking bleak in Australia right now.

China had to say no to Aussie plastic, textiles and mixed paper because of its high contamination rate.

Before the ban, Australia was transporting 619,000 tonnes of recycling waste to China every year.

In Victoria alone, some facilities recently had to stop taking recyclables because they had reached capacity.

Over 200 dangerous stockpiles of recycling waste were identified across Victoria just last year.

NSW has also been in trouble, seems their rubbish is expanding far greater than they had even imagined.

So all in all, recycling waste in many places has ended up at landfill, with waste companies stockpiling the materials.

What can we do?

Well, we are being urged to become more recycling savvy and reduce the contamination in our recycling materials.

Another option was discussed at a summit in Sydney today, where councillors, industry experts, waste management officers and politicians all came together.

Local Government NSW organised the summit and it wants the state government to reinvest 100% of the waste levy it collects to help fund a state-wide approach to recycling, one idea is to invest in new recycling facilities like UNSW's microfactories, that uses recycled products and converts them into metals alloys, plastic filament for 3D printing and glass panels for building products.
I know City of Ballarat wants to build a $300 million facility that would use waste materials to generate electricity, which would use 60% of the city's waste, so that would eliminate a lot of rubbish here, but I am sure we could do more.
We must or we'll end up living in a world that looks like it comes from the movie WALL-E


There's a lot more to the story, so click HERE if you want to read on. 
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