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Heading Abroad or Interstate?



Here’s a cheeky way to save $$ on flights.

If you’re heading off on a holiday or trip and you want to get an awesome flight deal, there is a way of saving yourself a lot of money.

The big tip is, don’t book too late.

Now, that seems fairly obvious, but it’s a question of getting the timing right as to how many days ahead of your flight you book.

This can vary, depending on your origin and destination, but essentially, most Ozzies travelling domestically book their flights 18 days out from their trip, but should be aiming for 25 days (on average).

Internationally, Australians generally book 69 days out, but should be booking 135 days (on average) before they fly.

This little rule will save people travelling OS an average of $431 and people travelling domestically between $54-$106 on their flights.

The time you should book and the amount of money you can save will very depending on where you are heading, but basically … the above rule should serve you pretty well.

Check with your favourite local travel agent for further advice.


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