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Fridge or pantry?

I got home last night and fancied a couple slices of toast with peanut butter. As my toast popped out of the toaster, I headed to the pantry to grab my favourite crunchy peanut butter and it occurred to me, it had been a fairly warm day in Ballarat. It then made me think. ‘Should I keep my peanut butter in the fridge?’

I had a search online to find some answers, and the general consensus from the food gurus seemed to be that it is fine to keep an opened commercially manufactured (processed) peanut butter in the pantry for about 3 months. After 3 months, , storing the opened jar in the refrigerator can help keep the peanut butter keep its optimum freshness for an additional 3 to 4 months. 

(If your pantry tends to get extremely hot and humid, it might be worthwhile getting the peanut butter in the fridge sooner.)

Natural peanut butter, however,  has a tendency to separate, with the oil floating to the top of the nut butter. To prevent this, many keep their peanut butter in the fridge.

But what do you think? Should you keep your peanut butter in the fridge or the pantry?