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If You Didn't Say No, A My Health Record Will Be Created For You

My Health Record, some Aussies are worried about it, others are all for it. 

But if you haven't heard about this scheme, us good old Aussies are going to have an electronic health record created for each of us, but, we have a choice to say no to our government, but that ends today (Thursday January 31).

Tens of thousands of Aussies have already said no recently because many of them were worried about both security and privacy, but Health Minister Greg Hunt says that no one's My Health Record data would ever be exposed to the wrong people, and that the government has put safeguards and protections in place.

He also said that people can delete their record at any time.

When it comes to the stronger privacy measures that have been passed through parliament, people found guilty of improper use of My Health Record could end up spending around 5 years in jail, and the maximum fine stands at $315,000, and victims of domestic violence will be more protected under this scheme because their former abusive partners will be blocked from accessing their children's records at any time.

Now once today ticks over into tomorrow, the ones who didn't say no to the scheme will automatically have a My Health Record created for them.

Once it is set up, you will be able to choose your privacy settings and you will be allowed to tailor what information is added to My Health Record.

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