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The Kids Are Going Back To School!

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School is back for many kids, and we know, for some, there are many tears (not always from the kids though).

Many state school students in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, parts of New South Wales and the Northern Territory have made it through the school gates and into their classrooms.

The Department of Education & Training says that over 320,000 students were expected to start the first day of their education this year and they estimate about 300,000 will start high school, and all up, nearly four million children are going to school in 2019.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan said the first day of school was an important day, and that, quote, "The first day of school for the year is an exciting time to catch up with your friends and get ready for a new year of learning new things, for some it can also be a little scary and that’s OK too."

In preperation for the new school year, the Morrison Government has developed resources to support both parents and their children.

You can discover how to get the most out of your children's education, which includes healthy eating, managing homework, screen time and anti-bullying advice just by clicking HERE

So how did you go as your kids waved goodbye from the school grounds? - Brett


Picture thanks to PIXABAY