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My Biggest Fear Came True In My Kitchen Yesterday!

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Creepy crawlies, there is nothing worse then when you are preparing food and one appears from nowhere.

I was in the kitchen cooking some toast in my toaster, when out of nowhere (well actually it was from under the toaster) a cockroach made its way across my bench, towards me!

It was the biggest cockroach I had ever seen (to be honest it was about 4 centimetres long) but at the time, it was huge!

I think the whole neighbourhood heard me squeal like I have never ever squealed before. 

Yes I am a bit scared of creepy crawlies, but I thought, maybe I should look into the cockroach a bit more, so I went to Wikipedia

  • It seems that Cockroaches are abundant throughout the world and live in a wide range of environments, especially in the tropics and subtropics
  • Cockroaches can withstand extremely cold temperatures, allowing them to live in the Arctic 
  • In North America, 50 species separated into five families are found throughout the continent
  • 450 species are found in Australia, and one of those live in my kitchen
  • Only about four widespread species are commonly regarded as pests (all of them as far as I am concerned)
  • Cockroaches are social insects, but seriously, I am not ready to have a drink with one

How do you feel about creepy crawlies? - Brett

Photo thanks to PIXABAY