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Mother Told To Leave Pool Because She Was Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is a natural thing, go out anywhere, and you'll see mums and bubs "bonding" this way, most people don't even bat an eyelid anymore, except one person.

One mother was happily breastfeeding her 10 month old son in a Newcastle pool when she was asked to leave.

The mother had to watch over her other son, a 3 year old, swimming in the pool, so she sat at the edge of the pool to nurse her 10 month old, but then a lifeguard came over, told her to leave, saying that they didn't want milk getting in the pool and they didn't want the baby vomiting in the pool, as it would be a hygiene risk. 

Basically no food or drink is allowed in the pool. 

She said the lifeguard's reasons were 'pathetic' and that is just shows how ignorant they are in today's day and age, she also claims that this treatment is illegal and went to social media to express her thoughts.

Some agreed, some did not.

  • 'There is a time and place for everything and feeding in the pool is not okay.'.
  • 'As much as I support breast feeding In public, we don't eat food while we are in the pool.'
  • 'Leaving aside the issue of breastfeeding in the pool, how can she possibly supervise her 3 year old, especially if the child got into difficulty, while having a baby attached to her breast?' 
  • 'I breastfeed in public pools all the time.'
  • 'As a mum, I am all for breastfeeding but come on, all for a little bit of attention!'

But the best point of all was:  breastfeeding is far less of a concern than children peeing or pooing in the pool or diving in the shallow end.

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Photo thanks to PIXABAY