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Eye For A Bargain!


Man buys storage unit worth a fortune!   

A man bought a storage unit from a reality TV star for AU$700 to find out it was, without doubt, the best money he’d ever spent.

Dan Dotson, reality TV star of the US show Storage Wars, sold a storage unit to a gentleman for AU$700. He later found out that the storage unit contained a safe with AU$10 million in cash!!!!

Dotson was approached at one of his auctions by a woman who informed them her husband worked with the fellow who purchased the storage unit, and that it contained a safe with a fortune inside.

However, a lawyer representing the previous owner of the storage unit and safe contacted the new owner, quite eager to retrieve the AU$10 million … so a reward of AU$1.65 million was offered to the new owner, which he accepted.

Even still … a pretty good return on the initial investment!!!