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Noodle Run Update

For the past 11 years The Soup Bus has provided support to the homeless and less fortunate of Ballarat and now need community support to continue their great work.

A fornight ago the Ballarat Soup Bus turned 11 and founder Craig Schepis and his team of volunteers should be and are commended for the work they do in our community where the homeless are concerned.

But, to be able to continue to support the homeless in Ballarat, especially in the midst of Winter with meals among other things they now need your help. 

So, last week on 3BA's Bigshow, PT launched the "Soup Bus Noodle Run".  Put simply, we are asking you Ballarat, the next time you go shopping to add an item or items to your trolley that we can then pass on to The Soup Bus so they can continue their great work.

What we are after are any donation, large or small of the following items:

Instant noodles in a cup (any flavour) and Ring Top Cans of the following:
Sausage & vegetables
Savoury mince & vegetables
Steak & vegetables
Peppered steak & vegetable
Ravioli bolognese
(or any meal in a ring top tin any brand any variety)
Thermal or any warm socks for men.
Mens deodorant

Already this call to arms has been met with instant community action as you can see here from the donations already dropped to us. 


Can you help? If so, please drop your Soup Bus Noodle Run donation/s to the 3BA Studio, 56 Lydiard St Nth between 9am and 5pm weekdays (when we are out of lockdown) and we'll make sure they get to the Soup Bus and then to the homeless and less fortunate of Ballarat. Many thanks to Pat & Dennis Shaw and the team from Shaw's Cycling Centre, 614 Skipton St and Coles Sebastopol who have also come on board as a collection point for your donations as well.

Take a listen to the update podcast of the Soup Bus Noodle Run with 3BA Bigshow host PT and Soup Bus Founder Craig Schepis.

Photos Supplied: Soup Bus and Paul "PT" Taylor