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Who Would Have Thought Fries Could Ruin A Friendship!

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Most of us don't mind splitting a bill after enjoying a night out, but this "bill split" has gone a little bit too far, like 47 cents too far!

Peter (or as he likes to be know on TikTok) wanted to show the world just how petty his friend Alex was when it came to splitting a bill!



Friends of friends get wayyy too bold with venmo charges

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So all up- Peter was charged by Alex, quote: $23.83 total. Ur meal + tip + part of my meal that you ate - which equated to 47 cents.

Peter says he only enjoyed 3 of the delicious fries off his friend's plate and that was only after they had been offered to him.

Many expressed their opinion over the matter, some had a laugh:

  • How are people not embarrassed to do this?
  • People like this don’t even realise how much of a joke they are. Get real
  • Oh, didn’t you have a sip of my water too? That’s another 32 cents
  • Alex takes his fries seriously

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