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New Pizza Toppings By Domino's Are Interesting To Say The Least

Now I know a lot of people just don’t like pineapple on pizza. Personally, I love it! But there seems to be some new pizza toppings that are upsetting the apple cart. And you can thank Domino's for it.

Domino's has just added some new Super Premium Pizzas to their menu. 

So now you can enjoy brain-boosting salmon, delicious roasted pumpkin and vitamin-packed broccoli.

According to a spokesperson from Domino's, the toppings add, quote: “great texture and crunch”, especially when combined with other fresh ingredients.

Domino's has never used these three new toppings in Australia before.

And if you're sitting there going "ewwwww", Domino's is encouraging you to not ‘knock the broc’ until you have tried it,”

Some fans are dubious saying:

  • Broccoli … and people thought pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza
  • Why is the vegetable picture broccoli? Who has broccoli on pizza?
  • Honestly after you put pineapple on pizza it was all downhill after that


The new Super Premium pizzas are available now with Domino’s Any Pizza Delivered for $15 deal.

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And if you feel like indulging tonight, visit dominos.com.au