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Popular Holiday Destinations Hit By Staff Shortages Thanks To Covid Pandemic

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I've noticed there are many places around Ballarat are looking for staff, but it seems the staff shortage doesn't stop here, it's Australia wide!

Due to Australia's international borders being closed, many have decided to spend their time holidaying in Oz, problem is, the places they are going to, don't seem to have enough staff to accommodate visitors.

Whether it's Far North Queensland, Uluru or even the New South Wales south coast,  overwhelmed tourism operators are under pressure due to the lack of hospitality workers.

And the workers on site are having to multi-task, and do other jobs like baggage handlers, maintenance crew, cleaners and baristas.

Get this, over 8,000 chefs jobs are going begging because there is no one applying.

Up in Far North Queensland, they are desperate for reef guides, ships masters, crew, housekeepers and drivers.

In between Townsville and Cairns alone, there are more than 1,200 tourism and hospitality jobs vacancies.

Port Douglas even has one local ­business that is looking to fill 50 positions.

Now let's turn to Uluru, it seems that there are 120 jobs available at Ayers Rock Resort. 

And there are so many more places needing workers, one place is so desperate that they have added a 20 grand pay rise to their 60 grand position.

There was a Federal Government initiative that offered $6,000 to workers if they relocated to a regional area, but it seems many didn't know or didn't care because only 148 people took up the offer in the first couple of months. 

Now if you're willing to move for work, jump onto HERE to find out more.

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