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12 Inches Of The 80's The Bangles

I always loved the Bangles.

And when they released Walk Like An Egyptian, wow , what a song. 

"Walk Like an Egyptian" was released in 1986 as the third single from the album Different Light.


It was the band's first number one single.

It was certified gold by the RIAA.

It became Billboard's number-one song of 1987.

Liam Sternberg, who wrote the song, got singer Marti Jones to record a demo January 1984.

Liam then offered it to Toni Basil, who turned it down.

Next came Lene Lovich, who recorded a version of the song, but it went unreleased because she wanted to take a break from music to raise a family.

David Kahne from Peer Southern Publishing got his hands on the demo and liked it.

David then took the song to the Bangles, who said "yeah we'll record it."

He had each member sing the lyrics to determine who would sing each verse.

So we have Vicki Peterson, Michael Steele, and Susanna Hoffs all on a chorus each.

It seems that David didn't like Debbi Peterson's leads, so he gave her the job of backing vocals.

This make her very angry, very angry indeed and caused tension within the group.

It got worse when instead of her getting to play drums,  they used a drum machine.

So all she go to do it play the tambourine and whistle.

But even that was wrong because the whistling in the song wasn't anyone in the band, no, it was a machine.

When it comes to the 12 inch version, I just had to go out and spend my pocket money on it:.

Love it!