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Shock Over Texas Students Holding An Online Slave Auction Of Classmates

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Over in the US, students have been naughty.

Students from Aledo, Texas, had set up a Snapchat group in which they pretended to sell their African American classmates.  The chat involved students from the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus.

A screenshot of the group's Snapchat page has done the rounds.

It's was called “Slave Trade”, they then changed it to “[racial slur] Farm” and then “[racial slur] Auction” and used emojis of an African man, a gun and a white police officer. 

Principal Carolyn Ansley described “the incident as cyberbullying and harassment”.

Activist Tony Crawford with Parker County Progressive is upset with the situation and said, quote: “Can you imagine what it’s like for somebody to put a price on your head? I cannot imagine the embarrassment and hurt that people you might be friends with are having that conversation.”

The school district has disciplined the students that were involved (local law enforcement were also brought in). 

For more on the story, click HERE

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