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Campaigner Wants Carlton To Change Its “Racist” Theme Song

Remember how one person campaigned to have Coon Cheese change their name due to the word Coon being a racist term? Well this same person is now asking AFL team Carlton to change the music to their song.

Even if we don't barrack for Carlton, most of us would know their theme song right?

Well the music under it has come under fire.

Stephen Hagan, the indigenous activist who got Coon cheese to change their name to Cheer,  now wants Carlton Football Club to change the tune of its club song because the origins of the song are racist.

Lily of Laguna is the name of the original song and it is about a black man pining after a Native American women.

PLEASE NOTE: that this verison has the N word in it as well as the word coon.

This version was usually performed in black face.

The offensive lyrics to the original song were changed around 80 years ago and singers like Bing Crosby only sang the re-worded version. 

Please note that Dr Hagan is totally cool with the lyrics to the Carlton theme, he just wants the music under the singing to be changed.

Carlton's management have announced that even though they know of the song's origins, they have no plans to come up with new music anytime soon. 

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