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Some Bizarre Aussie Laws That I Didn't Know Existed

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We know there are some strange laws out there, but this lot takes the cake.

Did you know that in Victoria:

  • It is an offence to fly a kite 'to the annoyance of any person
  • You are not allowed to sing an 'obscene song or ballad' in a public place
  • Corresponding or doing business with pirates is illegal, this can result in 10 years’ jail time
  • You can't undertake in any rain-making activities unless you are authorised to do so, meaning no artificial nucleating or seeding of clouds using a manned aircraft, but I believe rain dances are still good
  • It's a no-go to harness or attach either your goat or dog to a vehicle and then proceed to drive it through a public place 
  • Making unreasonable noise with a vacuum cleaner after 10pm or before 7am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends, is considered a no-no. Police or council can tell you to stop, and if you don't, you could cop a fine of up to $18,655.20, and if you continue, the next fine could be up to $4,663.80 each day 
  • Thinking about becoming a psychic to help others get "rich"? Maybe think again, apparently it’s against the law to pretend to tell people’s fortunes/ use witchcraft/ use ‘crafty science’ – to discover where stolen goods might be found

Now in both SA and Victoria:

  • It is an offence to take a homing pigeon unless you have lawful authority to do so ,and over in WA, if you steal a pigeon, you can also get in trouble, but only if it is tame and either in a pigeon-house or on the owner’s land

In SA:

  • If you run around ringing people's doorbells, you could score a $250 fine 
  • You are not allowed to sell a refrigerator with a capacity of 42.5 litres or more, unless all of the doors can be easily opened from the inside or it was brought into the state before 1962 
  • You are not allowed to disrupt a wedding or a funeral. If you do, a $10,000 fine will be yours to pay or you could go to jail for two years 

In SA and Tassie:

  • You can't offer a reward for a stolen property without asking questions  

In WA:

  • You can be jailed for up to a year for cleaning up seabird or bat poo without a licence
  • If you have over 50kg of potatoes in your possession, fines could be coming your way


  • It’s illegal for bus drivers to splash mud on bus passengers.  


  • It is illegal to post a fake job advertisement 


  • It is illegal in most parts of Australia to wear a disguise without relevant cause
  • If you have a horse, and you go to the bar, a bar is required by law to stable, water and feed your horses
  • If you get electrocuted to death then you will have to pay fines to the government


Why is it that Victoria seems to have the most weird rules in that list?

For more details, click HERE

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