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Shoot The Breeze


Shoot the Breeze returns in 2021, it's 4th year of evolution on the 3BA Bigshow.

Every Tuesday at 8.40am PT speaks with Alex Tselios from thebigsmoke.com.au about everything from politics, technology and society and everything in between.

This week we spoke about:

    • An algorithm promises to find your perfect partner? By delving deep into the human psyche and your digital footprint - this AI is promising big things for those trying to find love on line
    • Why penguins love looking at paintings, and dogs love listening to music - the science behind animals appreciating the arts (something most of us in lockdown are familiar with)

  • Videogames could be the future of remote work - instead of zoom calls, you can build rapport with colleagues through avatar versions of yourselves in a game eating lunch together